Monday, February 26, 2007

Generation 2 - The Heirs Grow Up

I see you didn't get lost. Back for the last part before the kids venture off to college? Good. After that update, I don't think we will talk again.

Bruno is such a strange doggy daddy. He ignores Lucio all the time. I hope there are no side effects from this, but these aren't the nicest or smartest dogs.

My brother returned to visit me. Why would he scare me? It's not my fault he wasn't the heir! I say blame the controller! I think she was given the option...I saw her type an email the other day about the new heir. Yes, I saw who it was and am pleased with the decision.

I think he is bragging that he will be 'forever young' and you will be an 'old geezer' ghost.

Lucio grew up, at last! Look at her ears!! I know they are hard to see on this floor, but they are huge and pointed! Even Bruno stares at them!

That wasn't a good idea Bruno! Lucio is a mean doggie from two mean parents, what did you expect??

Yes, her first action was to ATTACK BRUNO!!!

Gaston grew into a teen today. Poor kid wants to fall in love and get his first kiss. Too bad he doesn't have a girlfriend. He looks familiar, huh?

Hughes also grew into a teen. Is there any sim this guy won't befriend? He spends a lot of time just chatting on the phone.

Juliette grew into an elder. She should have died already, but we fed her a lot of 'special dog food' that kept her young.

No comment needed



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That's what it looks like, huh?

Finally our birthdays have arrived! We are finally elders....

Tiffany waits patiently for Bruno.

Time for more of my conquests!!
(Sandy and Demi were also in this part of the list for public numbers, sadly no pictures of them)

With number 20, I am busted yet again. This time by Starla...sigh.

You know what this means, right? It is time for the bad part...

Yes, I am aware. Let's get this over with..ok?

Anton lost his mind on us! He starting talking to bricks. Not just talking to them but he claimed to have 'trained' them. You don't train bricks. They are BRICKS!! They don't breath...

The next thing I know he is watching the stars. What is he watching for? His siblings got jobs, what does he do? Stares at the clouds!! He did keep his grades up, so I couldn't really complain...I just don't know what he is watching for in the clouds!!

Then he went off and got some scissors. He ran all over the yard screaming like a llama! Why would he do that?? Why??? Perhaps, did you talk with him???

Actually, yes. One night we had a long chat. It was when he ventured off to get his phone. He said he knew he had no chance in the heir race. So he volunteered for the 'Good of the Family'.

WHAT??? First my brother, now my son???

Well, you see we have to get certain the other controller was going to kill him anyway. This way I can make sure the heir can move their spouse in.

Well, here is where we leave this part. There are three kids going off to college now. Two elders are left at home with the pets. Will one of my other three do something for the 'Good of the Family' at college??

I'm not sure yet, have to wait and find out I guess....

Generation 2 Uni

Generation 2 - Life Goes On

Do we have to start with this event? Why this event of all events?

Sorry, it's where we are in our tale.

As you can see, the reaper showed up for my father. We were not prepared for this event. I knew it would come, but why now? (He left money to 15 sims.)

I had trouble doing the simplest of things. His timing could not have been worse. Three of my children went into aspiration failure. Here I am trying to help Anton before he ages. Yes, he died right before the alien twins birthday, so we had to put them off long enough to get that aspiration back up.

My mom was so heart broken she cried in the bathroom by herself. She didn't want us to see her cry, but we knew it ate her alive. Then she got that crazy idea of hers....

The next day after work, she starting talking about drinking for the new babies. What new babies??? There are no new babies. She said there is room now. Give me a new grandbaby!! She had wanted them since the twins were born. OH NO - I'm not a baby making machine!!!

The dogs returned to visit and proceeded to fight in the cemetary! This cemetary is pretty wild some nights.

Even Kim, mom's cat, came out to say hello.

There is no place safe from the MEAN DOG GHOSTS!!!

Birthdays have happened...wait, where are their agings pictures?

Well, there were A LOT of pictures for this part so I cut those pictures out of the story. We'll see the kids in a minute.

Hmmph! That was two nights apart! Fine, here is the headmaster congratulating us.

After a few nights, Pierre came out to play. He never used that mega-phone, just wandered around outside.

Here are my kids going off to school. Their mom, Demi, is leading the way. You have to watch them leave or they tend to get distracted on their way down.

That afternoon we had to have study hall to teach Gaston and Hughes how to study. Anton and Astrid learned on their first day. We still help them out sometimes as it is more fun for the kids if we help.

The other heir was born! Her name is Lucio. I can't wait to see what she is like. She will continue our animal legacy.

With Lucio here, there is no room for more babies. So sorry mom, but there is no room for them. None at all....

I guess the news hit mom really hard, because she died after that. Luckily the kids were more worried about Bruno or Juliette getting sprayed by a skunk and some other random thing so they didn't fall apart over this. (She left money for 9 sims.)

Who finally made an appearance that night? My father did. It was nice to see him wandering around. He didn't scare anyone, just ventured around.

As if to make sure it was ok, he ventured in to check on his just wouldn't have been right if he didn't go in here...this was his favorite room.

Astrid grew up into a teen today. She is really easy to keep around. All sorts of boys come around but she ignores them. She is looking for a bigger fish in the sea than some teenage boys.

Anton also had his birthday. He only talks about sneaking out with or without someone. I don't know where he got that idea. I didn't sneak out, did I???

Lauren got her second LTW...woo-hoo! Now she wants to become a criminal mastermind, but I don't think that will happen.

Generation 2 Heirs Grow Up

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Generation 2 - The Heir Arrives

We are back agian to hear what has happened. Jean-Paul, you hear me?

Yepper, I'm ready to tell them about it.

Bruno the happy future mate of Juliette hates the mailman also. He runs out there now with Juliette to chase him down. Good doggy!!

I think I got sick, I just hope it isn't serious. I've got women to love!!

Do you remember that night when you were watching the stars?? I think we need to take a break from your women for now.

Hush! We don't want to discuss that night. I would rather you not tell the readers about it. They don't need to know about it. A break from my women??

Demi decided we needed to train the dogs some. They have jobs now and need some skills. She has actually learned to enjoy the dogs. For some reason, they can't have puppies right now.

What happened to me? What woman will find this body attractive??? I am man on the prowl and now THIS!! Ok, we will take a break from the women, I suppose.

This is why the women are on hiatus. We still see Sandy everyday though, she is still upset over catching you with that professor. She has brought roaches to the house, not once but TWICE!!!

My father doesn't drink alone anymore. My mother has joined him. They are excited about my 'condition'. She keeps talking about the weather forecast. She says it is changing. She is calling it 'Sim-warming'.

Are you happy now? Am I done with my task? This will be my heir! No reason to have anymore kids. I will have one and Demi will have one.

Yes, this will do Jean-Paul. You are now done multiplying.

You and Demi are the most needy pregnant sims I have seen!!

We are pregnant, what do you expect?

Why are you starving me?? I was starving!!!

Why must you always be hungry? You are on a date to boost your aspiration so you can use the recharger. Get in the car with Demi!!! Stop whining about food!!

Fine, I'll get into the car. Since you are paying attention to only us, what is that red stuff coming out of my house???

GAWD!!! Let me go see what your parents are up to....

Grumble, stupid free will cooking!!! He was drinking at the bar the last time I saw he. I suppose he got the munchies...

Ok Wen, I sent Lauren off to buy some clothes and dog collars. What type of store is this? Where is the PET STORE??? WEN?!?!?!?

We now have offical ghosts as Hopper came out to visit us. He is the only ghost so far we have noticed.

Woo-hoo! It seems my belly is a-hurting! At least my dog is here to help me!!

It's called labor, your child is here. It doesn't hurt that bad, I've done it 3 times myself. Get over it!

Who knew I had twins inside me? Astrid (F) and Anton (M) are here.

That helps to explain some stuff. I'm proud to say these are not cheesecake twins either. Natural alien twins.

My dad was fired today. Good, he can help with the babies. We will need all the help we can get also.



Yep this really explains some stuff. Neither of you had cheesecake either. Two sets of natural twins {slaps hand to head}

My babies have beds! Why did you drop them on the floor? Where is my dad? Why isn't he helping out here?

Your father is tired. He helped out on the night feedings and cuddling. He can't recharge all the time. He does like to sleep some also.

With four babies, we put cribs all over the house. Hmm, I think we need to add some more bedrooms for the kids.

Yes, we do. First we need some money. You forgot to tell our readers how your dad lost ALL the money your family had when he lost his job. Luckily, he sold something to put a little money in the bank.

Demi will be easier to have around as she met her LTW. Yeah Demi!!

Of course, my ME ME ME mother could not let Demi have all the glory or attention. GAWD mom, you are not the center of the household anymore. Demi & I are, let us celebrate some. Also, stop telling us you want more grandbabies! You have FOUR!!!

Why is my nanny playing with that sack of flour??? Why isn't she taking care of my kids???

Another nanny shows up for a random reason. Did you hire her?

No, she showed up on her own.

My sweet daughter Astrid.

My alien son, Aston. Notice my ME ME ME mother training Hughes??

My mother really got into training the grandbabies.

Yes, all the grandbabies love their grandma.

At least my father has something to do now.

The heir or spare? This is Hughes.

Heir or spare? Meet Gaston. I'm tired, can I get some sleep now? 4 toddlers wears me out!

Yes, get some sleep. So here we leave the house of twins.

Generation 2 Life Goes On