Monday, February 26, 2007

Generation 2 - The Heirs Grow Up

I see you didn't get lost. Back for the last part before the kids venture off to college? Good. After that update, I don't think we will talk again.

Bruno is such a strange doggy daddy. He ignores Lucio all the time. I hope there are no side effects from this, but these aren't the nicest or smartest dogs.

My brother returned to visit me. Why would he scare me? It's not my fault he wasn't the heir! I say blame the controller! I think she was given the option...I saw her type an email the other day about the new heir. Yes, I saw who it was and am pleased with the decision.

I think he is bragging that he will be 'forever young' and you will be an 'old geezer' ghost.

Lucio grew up, at last! Look at her ears!! I know they are hard to see on this floor, but they are huge and pointed! Even Bruno stares at them!

That wasn't a good idea Bruno! Lucio is a mean doggie from two mean parents, what did you expect??

Yes, her first action was to ATTACK BRUNO!!!

Gaston grew into a teen today. Poor kid wants to fall in love and get his first kiss. Too bad he doesn't have a girlfriend. He looks familiar, huh?

Hughes also grew into a teen. Is there any sim this guy won't befriend? He spends a lot of time just chatting on the phone.

Juliette grew into an elder. She should have died already, but we fed her a lot of 'special dog food' that kept her young.

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That's what it looks like, huh?

Finally our birthdays have arrived! We are finally elders....

Tiffany waits patiently for Bruno.

Time for more of my conquests!!
(Sandy and Demi were also in this part of the list for public numbers, sadly no pictures of them)

With number 20, I am busted yet again. This time by Starla...sigh.

You know what this means, right? It is time for the bad part...

Yes, I am aware. Let's get this over with..ok?

Anton lost his mind on us! He starting talking to bricks. Not just talking to them but he claimed to have 'trained' them. You don't train bricks. They are BRICKS!! They don't breath...

The next thing I know he is watching the stars. What is he watching for? His siblings got jobs, what does he do? Stares at the clouds!! He did keep his grades up, so I couldn't really complain...I just don't know what he is watching for in the clouds!!

Then he went off and got some scissors. He ran all over the yard screaming like a llama! Why would he do that?? Why??? Perhaps, did you talk with him???

Actually, yes. One night we had a long chat. It was when he ventured off to get his phone. He said he knew he had no chance in the heir race. So he volunteered for the 'Good of the Family'.

WHAT??? First my brother, now my son???

Well, you see we have to get certain the other controller was going to kill him anyway. This way I can make sure the heir can move their spouse in.

Well, here is where we leave this part. There are three kids going off to college now. Two elders are left at home with the pets. Will one of my other three do something for the 'Good of the Family' at college??

I'm not sure yet, have to wait and find out I guess....

Generation 2 Uni


JennTSG said...

Loved the commercial!!

And 20 woohoo LTW...very nice indeed. So will you guys get the death in the elevator one too?

Rachel said...

I'm SO not cut out for Legacy, I can't kill my sims. I used to have townies move in and then kill them. Nice job on the 20 WooHoos!oyjrkdrv

ASimWen said...

OUch Death by Elevator...never done that one...hehehe I will have to try it....Anton is dead. Sniff. I think he was really cute. heh I love all the doggie drama...hope I can make it just as good.

ruby said...

Oy for the good of the family.. *shaking head* Well at least it was his choice!
Congrats on the 20 woohoos!

Anjel76 said...

Scissors are dangers. You shouldn't run with them. You could poke out an eye! :OD

SGT Heather said...

Oh no! Not Anton! He was a cutie!!! Well, I'm glad Jean-Paul got his conquests. At least Demi never caught him. I actually think Lucio is cute. I like the ears, ::blushes::