Monday, February 26, 2007

Generation 2 - Life Goes On

Do we have to start with this event? Why this event of all events?

Sorry, it's where we are in our tale.

As you can see, the reaper showed up for my father. We were not prepared for this event. I knew it would come, but why now? (He left money to 15 sims.)

I had trouble doing the simplest of things. His timing could not have been worse. Three of my children went into aspiration failure. Here I am trying to help Anton before he ages. Yes, he died right before the alien twins birthday, so we had to put them off long enough to get that aspiration back up.

My mom was so heart broken she cried in the bathroom by herself. She didn't want us to see her cry, but we knew it ate her alive. Then she got that crazy idea of hers....

The next day after work, she starting talking about drinking for the new babies. What new babies??? There are no new babies. She said there is room now. Give me a new grandbaby!! She had wanted them since the twins were born. OH NO - I'm not a baby making machine!!!

The dogs returned to visit and proceeded to fight in the cemetary! This cemetary is pretty wild some nights.

Even Kim, mom's cat, came out to say hello.

There is no place safe from the MEAN DOG GHOSTS!!!

Birthdays have happened...wait, where are their agings pictures?

Well, there were A LOT of pictures for this part so I cut those pictures out of the story. We'll see the kids in a minute.

Hmmph! That was two nights apart! Fine, here is the headmaster congratulating us.

After a few nights, Pierre came out to play. He never used that mega-phone, just wandered around outside.

Here are my kids going off to school. Their mom, Demi, is leading the way. You have to watch them leave or they tend to get distracted on their way down.

That afternoon we had to have study hall to teach Gaston and Hughes how to study. Anton and Astrid learned on their first day. We still help them out sometimes as it is more fun for the kids if we help.

The other heir was born! Her name is Lucio. I can't wait to see what she is like. She will continue our animal legacy.

With Lucio here, there is no room for more babies. So sorry mom, but there is no room for them. None at all....

I guess the news hit mom really hard, because she died after that. Luckily the kids were more worried about Bruno or Juliette getting sprayed by a skunk and some other random thing so they didn't fall apart over this. (She left money for 9 sims.)

Who finally made an appearance that night? My father did. It was nice to see him wandering around. He didn't scare anyone, just ventured around.

As if to make sure it was ok, he ventured in to check on his just wouldn't have been right if he didn't go in here...this was his favorite room.

Astrid grew up into a teen today. She is really easy to keep around. All sorts of boys come around but she ignores them. She is looking for a bigger fish in the sea than some teenage boys.

Anton also had his birthday. He only talks about sneaking out with or without someone. I don't know where he got that idea. I didn't sneak out, did I???

Lauren got her second LTW...woo-hoo! Now she wants to become a criminal mastermind, but I don't think that will happen.

Generation 2 Heirs Grow Up


JennTSG said...

No room for more babies huh? Well that's sad. I mean what's the point in playing if you can't just have your sims have a whole house full of babies?

I haven't seen ghost dogs ever fight...but that's probably because I don't play with Pets very much lately.

Rachel said...

What? No more babies! I live for sim babies! I'm going to stop reading if I don't get more sim babies now! OK, just kidding. I loved the ghost dogs fighting! I haven't had any ghost doggies yet, you lucky dog, um wait. Nice update, I do hate when grim shows up right away.

ASimWen said...

I'm loving the ghosts!!!!!!! LALALA!!!! Give me more GHOSTS!!! Hey. Anton has his daddy's eyes. Whatta cutie....

ASimWen said...
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ruby said...

The alien twins are cute! Love their new looks.
Too funny he went to check out the bar? *giggle*
Fighting ghost doggies! OMG you have it all here

Anjel76 said...

Now you see what happens when the elderly are denied? They die!!! :O(

SGT Heather said...

WOOO! The kids are grow up. Anton is handsome! Wow! I think it will be fun to see how Lucio turns out as well! I love that the dog ghosts bark at each other! That is so great!