Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Generation 2 - Love, Life, and Death

Time to ge to the nitty-gritty of this family.

Within a couple of days, Tiffany passed away. Jean-Paul was more interested in finding out the sex of the stray, than the grim reaper. Why is that Jean-Paul?

Are you sure about this? No one else can hear me?

You are the heir, you are special. This is one of the perks. You are the only one I can converse with. You being the heir, of course. Your father used to talk to Wen, the other controller. He won't admit it to you, but he did. You will create an heir and that heir will talk to Wen also.

Oh, that's cool. That does help to explain some certain things around the house. So I have to tell the story?
Yes, the readers aren't here to listen to me babble so let's get the story moving. Ok?
Ok, well we have Juliette. She is in need of a mate. Poor dog isn't getting any younger. We want to keep those mean doggie genes around.

This is my father. He seems to have a drinking problem. You see, we never sold his bar. After celebrating the new light fixtures in the new house, he made drinks to celebrate. He celebrated alright. You know he celebrates all the time. He loves celebrating the fact the weather is always sunny here.

Man, do I look good or what? I should have been a model, I am just that hot. Don't believe me? Let me show you my current conquests....

Demi, of course, my wife is first. Sandy Bruty a local visitor and Professor Beverly from college.

Ivy Copur, Starla Monif, and Professor Joseph. My parents are really understanding of the women, you know they are my enablers. If Demi is home, they will run and say goodbye to the current visitor for me. Aren't they great?

Oops, it seems we are missing someone's picture. I will hunt it down for your next visit. So far I am at 8 out of 20. Not too bad.

I did get busted once so far. What was Sandy doing coming to the family business? Doesn't she know she is only supposed to come around when I want her around?? You see, I was working on Professor Joseph at Pierre's business. Pierre doesn't know I came here, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. I am the heir anyway. It's another perk! I am learning to enjoy the perks!

Our gardener, Leo something. That idiot swims has to swim in the pool on every visit. Hehe, real funny.

Not too funny when I think it is you from a distance and I wonder why you are leaving. This happens almost every time Leo visits. I forget about the swimming pool and always got hunt you down.

Why do you eat outside? It must smell there since Hopper pees out there everyday. Yep, that is his pee on the deck.

I choose to eat outside. Why should I eat in the house? It's so nice outside. Actually I'm just waiting for Demi to venture off to work. Once she leaves, I will invite over one of my friends.

Pierre went nuts today. He said he had a bigger mission and it was to become the RALLY FORTH ghost. Did you have a hand in this?

Yes, you see we need certain ghosts for our challenge for we can get points. Pierre always thought he was the heir, I think Wen told him or something. At the last minute, things changed and you were the heir. Pierre did not want to start another lot in the house so while we were at his business the first time, he volunteered to be a needed ghost.

I thought only I could talk to you??

When I have someone else from the house off with one-on-one time, they can talk to me also. They tell me their ultimate desire for their life. Let's watch his death, ok?

My mother, Lauren, has always been a 'ME ME ME' person. Here her son, Pierre, has lost his mind and she had to bring the attention back to her. Mom, go watch Pierre, I think he isn't going to make it much longer.

I loved my brother, but didn't mourn him. Is that such a crime? Two of the pets went out there.

Mom's cat, Kim, died next. Demi was really upset as she really liked the cat. Why again can't we get another cat?

Your family has dogs. The dogs are on the same generation as you. As a side challenge, we are trying to keep the same bloodline going.

Hopper chewed his toys happily during Kim's death. Oops, you made a mistake here.

What mistake would that be?

Do you see the other dog in this picture? They don't know about him.

Soon enough they will know, we will just call that and Easter Egg for the readers. Continue with your story, you are doing fine....

The next animal to pass on was Hopper. Hopper was my dad's dog. Demi must not be a dog person since she wasn't crying here. Maybe it was because she played with Kim all the time. Kim was the NICE pet afterall.

Yes, Kim was a nice cat. She greeted everyone who came over. She was at the sidewalk when family members came home from work. Those dogs barked at each other all day and night. Tiffany and Hopper would play some, but they barked at Juliette.

Demi and I had to have the talk. She has wanted the pitter patter of little feet around here since she married me. Doesn't she realize I have to get my lovers? I suppose we can talk about it.

Yes, you need to talk about it...we must have an heir or the story dies here.

After Pierre and the pets passed on, Demi was a little worried about being outside alone, so I would join her looking out the telescope. Nothing out here to see but stars...

Juliette, our mean guard dog, loves to 'chill' while looking out the window. Please call before coming over or she will come running! She is a very serious guard dog and she protects us from everything.

Our new male dog, Bruno. Bruno isn't as mean as Juliette. What is he gonna do, lick you to death? He isn't as attentive when looking outside either. Bruno is my new dog, he keeps me company when everyone else is off at work.

Time for a break. We will back with more news on the Deverous family..

Generation 2 The Heir Arrives


ASimWen said...

OMG! Is Francois becoming a lush? hehehe He always wanted a bar. He finally got one. Well, then it was stolen by the buglar. Gah. Then he got another one. Yup, sounds like a lush.

Awww...come on Jean-Paul, you can tell the story. Heck, don't you want to brag on your sexual exploits???? But come on now.. SANDY BRUTY? Really??? Ivy Copur? Did you rob the cradle? What? Oh, she went to Uni with you? She was your lover in Uni? Oh, ok.

Do you actually pay Leo the Gardner to go swimming in your pool? Heck you need to take lessons from Pierre and charge Leo to swim.

Sorry to see all the pets go. So sad. Yes, the household needs another cat. You need to persuade that meanie Lynn you want a cat.

Looking thru the scope? Hmmm.... lol

Rachel said...

My so sad to see all the pets passing on. I like the idea of a pets blood line too. Hum, I wonder if there was an aduption?

ruby said...

Nooo, Pierre! *sigh* Oh well, nice job on his death!
Time for pitter patter of little feet! We need an heir.. no one says he has to stop with the conquests just because he's a dad *giggle*

Anjel76 said...

So many deaths ... so little time. :O)) Poor doggies. So ... when're we gonna hear the pitter patter of puppy feet? :O)

SGT Heather said...

Francois is drinking, the dogs are barking non-stop, sounds like a house. Poor Pierre, giving himself up as a ghost. Its rough being a spare heir. I like Bruno, should be fun to see what puppies he and Juliette have, that is if Juliette lets him get close.