Friday, March 30, 2007

Generation 4 - Birthdays and College

Welcome back folks! This looks to be my last entry. I shall miss talking to you. I don't even know if I will survive until I see you again....sigh

Essence, the neckless wonder, welcomes you back also. She will be our doggy heir. I wonder who she will mate with?

My dear handsome Grayson grew into a teen. He is all about the money.

{sniffle} I went to the pet cemetary to visit Lucio this week. Man, I really miss this dog. Maybe I will revive her......what harm could come from bringing her back one last time????

A few days after her brother, Kylee grew into a teen also.

First thing she did was run out to the well. She knew Grayson was studying for Uni and she wanted a boyfriend.

Here is who she received, local townie Berjes. Doesn't she know she can only marry NPC's and not townies?

It seems our pc was broken and she asked her new boyfriend to fix it. Hmm, not a good idea....luckily he didn't die from this.

My birthday was the next nig event in our house. Now that I am getting older, I need to focus on what matters most in life. Leo said I can help him make grilled cheese sandwiches for the grandchildren.....

Mom comes out to visit us now. Here she is saying hello to Grayson, too bad he wasn't happy to see her.

My darling children went off to Uni. Kylee told me that Grayson now believes he will be the heir. She is NOT happy about this turn of events. Their time at Uni is hearsay as I wasn't there.

Here is their nutty neighbor. Kylee said when they have invited her over, she started talking to someone who isn't there. I wonder what happened to her...

Grayson has been dating a local fire fighter. I think he likes her uniform the most. He met her when his grandma caught on fire. He said it was fate.

My nephew Gandolfe went to college with my kids, but he was partying way too hard and flunked out. Poor Gandolfe.

Doesn't Kylee understand that if she wants to become the heir she needs date NPC's? It does no good to date a regular townie. She said she needs to date so others will write her term paper.

She does spend a lot of time workng on her studies.

Grayson bought his first store, Misc. Store.

Leo has shopped there. He said it is a nice store to buy stuff at.

He told me Grayson takes his business very seriously.

Kylee now thinks Grayson is out to get her. She was talking to the trees when 'The Zapper' by Grayson started zapping her. What is wrong about talking to the trees????

I am happy to announce that both my kids graduated with honors. I have missed having them around the house.

They have returned back to the Manor. Where will their lives go?

Generation 5 Week 1

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Generation 4 - Time Marches On

My handsome little devil grew into a toddler. He is growing like a weed. At least dad's passing didn't upset him too badly. How would you like it if your grandfather was cuddling you and put you in your crib and then DIED!!

Stop saying you are trapped, you should finish your food sweetheart. Then you will be allowed to play with toys.

Our precious daughter Kylee was born. We have our two blessed children to carry on the family name. I wonder which one will take my place. Too early to decide that.

Grayson loves the doggies. This is the picture we sent out with our Christmas cards. Here he is loving on Moppery.

Before we knew it, it was Kylee's birthday. She also grows like a weed. She was a croupy baby and needed a lot of attention. A lot more than Grayson did.

Mom really misses Dad. There is no one to play Marco Polo with late at night. It is sad to hear her yell Marco and no one answers.

Our dogs are so clean, they produce their own bubbles!

Lightning got one of trees. Mom wanted to be struck by lightning, so she was in the pool. The bad part is the the rain had stopped. Mom went over to watch the tree burn and managed to get caught on fire.

Luckily she was saved by Leo and two firemen! She wasn't too happy that day, but her mood slowly improved that day.

Sad news, Paulette has passed on. My nephew, Gandolfe was visiting and he mourned our loss with us.

Grayson grew into a child. We have seen the girls of the neighborhood eyeing him. They said he is a keeper.

Mom finally joined dad in the afterlife. She was never the same after that fire. The death wasn't as hard on the family as I thought it would be.

Kylee has grown into a toddler. Isn't she a doll? Do you know she likes to eat dog food? Yep, leave her alone for a minute to make formula and she eats from the dog's bowls.

Moppery waits somewhat patiently for Dagmar to show up. All our dogs love to bark at Dagmar.

A little earlier than expected, a new group of puppies has arrived. There are 2 females and 1 male. Grets (female) is white. The other two are Felipe & Essence. Darling little animals...see we are DOG PEOPLE!!

Before we knew it, it was time for Kylee's birthday. She has surprised us all with how fast she learns things.

She favorite activity is to play in the tub! ROW HO HO!!

Grayson loves having friends over to play with. He has introduced these friends to Kylee so they can both play with them.

Who would have thought you could get 52 points for grilled cheese sandwiches. The headmaster was really impressed with us and the kids are now in private school. I told Leo to make something else, but he said Grilled Cheese will do just fine. I swear he has eaten almost 100 of those sandwiches.

Our puppies have grown up. Here is the male puppy, Felipe.

Here is one of the females, Grets.

Here is the other female, Essence. I call this one the neckless wonder as her neck is almost not there.

The ghosts were out in force again. You don't see any pet ghosts since they have been moved to the new local pet cemetary.

I was nice to see my dad around, but he is one of the meaner ghosts we have. Normally I don't know he is about until someone is scared by him. Then you see glimpses of him and I could swear he is laughing about it.

Hughes doesn't normally venture around just keeps replaying his sudden death.

You should have been there this night. We could hear these three from all over the house. Luckily, they stayed on the top floor that night.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Generation 4 - Spare & Future Information

Since Christy sold off Ayla, I decided to find a mate for Aldo. They aren't going to mate anytime soon, but we do have the whole adult stage to go though with him. He shouldn't be alone in his doggy world, Paulette won't live forever. This gives them plenty of time to build a friendship. Meet Moppery! Her bright pink collar accents her pretty pink spots.

Paulette had her brithday two days after her puppies grew up. This gives her about one more week with us.

Let me really introduce you to Aldo, our dog heir. He looks friendly enough, eh?

Looks can be deceiving. He really barks at strangers! Middle of the night he runs to the window to bark at whatever he thinks he sees out there.

We have had our share of ghosts wandering around. Here they are in a group of pictures. No one has been scared.......yet.

I see John-Paul came out to say hello to you. He used to tell me about you.

Yes, it was nice to see him wandering around the house.

What happened with Astrid? Why was she constantly screaming??

Let's just say she wasn't a pleasant death, I don't think she is a happy ghost.

When was there a cat in the Deveroux house? We are DOG people! Who got a cat? For the love of llhamas!!

See people! Not cat people!!!

You know life has been busy here, but there is another house in the neighborhood. It is the spare house. Let me tell you a little of their doings.

Christelle brought Orlando over to the house. They were married later that day.

They had a child, Gandolfe. He seems to be a little doll, huh? Orlando's genes aren't so bad after all.

Mom & Dad go over there to fish. I heard mom actually wore clothes over there. She hardly ever has clothes on at home.

This is Michelle. She is Jacques's spored daughter. She is also a vampire. Interesting combination. Sun light doesn't kill her. I repeat DOESN'T KILL HER. Her need for sun is greater than her loss of the need. She does need hydration and love still. She didn't die in the sun is the main thing of interest.

Ok, enough of them, beck to us. Here I am playing 'Who has the bigger belly' game with Leo. Who do you think has the bigger belly?

Aldo showed Moppery who ranked better in the dog rank world.

Then the pains came. It was awful at first, but the outcome is so worth it. My dad finally filled his want to have a grandbaby. You know he locked it when I graduated college.

Meet Grayson Deveroux. Handsome little devil.

I made it to the top of another career. Leo is still working on that education career though.

Could you believe the nerve of this townie? Luckily I brought my zapper home from college. It zoomed right out and got her! Bet she won't try that again.

Somehow I found myself pregnant again. Taking care of a newborn is a little tiring.

Luckily my dad was there to pick up the slack. No nanny needed in this house. Nanny Gaston to the job!

On Grayson's birthday my father's time ran out. He just laid little Grayson down to bed while a visitor showed up. He gave my father a tropical drink and off they went. {sigh}

I told you he was a handsome little devil, didn't I? Do you agree?