Saturday, March 3, 2007

Generation 2 - Uni: The Times They Are Changing!!

Welcome to the last part of Generation 2's story for me. As you have noticed, Times they are changing! In Season has found it's way to my PC. So this is the start of my exploration of the newest EP. Some pictures aren't really labeled as you won't need it. :)

Don't worry about who this girl is, she isn't important. She resides at the Uni house. I love the fall leaves around the skill bar. I thought their faster skilling was a glitch, but I was wrong. Uni in Fall, what is better???

Astrid arrives at Uni!

Gaston was the next to arrive.

Lastly is Hughes.

Playing around with the EP, I see the weather machine. I program some other girl who lives at the house to change the weather after class. (Her name is NOT important) I venture away while one student is writing his term paper to put my real life kids to bed. I come back to SIMS ON FIRE!!! My husband paused the game when he saw FIRE BALLS falling on screen. {sigh, my first fire storm and I missed it}

Gaston caught on fire, but luckily he was put out in time.

I wasn't fast enough to save these two sims though. Wonder who they were....

They look like FIRE ghosts, guess that is because they died from fire ultimately.

Weirdness...these fire balls popped up hours later when 2 sims who were lounging in the hot tub for hours went home.

This is quite humorous to watch as the 'saving' sim pulls out a blowdryer to warm up the frozen one.

The streaker wears clothes when visiting during winter, hahaha! She does show up nude when STREAKING!!! HAHAHA!

A new death to try out!! Don't worry, it took the game awhile before it realized I wanted her to die. There was plenty of time to save her....

Here are the two graduates! Who is the heir???? Hmm, I know!!! HAHAHA! You must wait for Wen!!

Extra Picture:

I just had to try out the pool upon return to the main house...

Generation 3


Rachel said...

Loved all the Seasons pictures! Can't wait to try them out myself.

ASimWen said...

LOL love the ARMY....and the SPY....Killed by the SPY....hehehe

Oohhh...Nice death pictures, and I like the greenhouse. Can't wait to play with it. :)

Yeah, yeah, wait for me. I am gonna get started tonight!

ruby said...

Oh no way! it rained fireballs? Wow!
Cool a new death, death by hail... love it love it love it!! I suppose she did it for the good of the family?

Lisa said...

Ha! The army of snowmen reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.

Anjel76 said...

How DARE you leave us to guess who the heir is going to be! *GRR*

Nice shots of some of the aspects of Seasons. :O)

SGT Heather said...

Great job with the Seasons shots! I love the snowman army! LOL!