Friday, March 9, 2007

Generation 3 Begins!


Generation 3 Life


Bubbs said...

This is great! Spare Heir scaring spare heir...lmao!! Loved it! Poor Hughes... :( A new baby!!

Where is my big eared doggie??? :(

ruby said...

Heh, kissed to death... bye Hughes! wow he let himself go at uni, what a gut!
Wow she cleaned up very well, nice cat burglar!

Rachel said...

This had me in stitches, it's too funny. The reindeer death, a personal favorite.

Anjel76 said...

Hmmm ... where IS the big-eared doggy? *LOL* She couldn't have killed it (him/her), otherwise you fail the doggy legacy. :O))

SGT Heather said...

LOL! Great! Christy is a beautiful streaker. I love Gaston congratulating her on it! That was great! I loved the ghost playing with the cat ghost too! That was very cool!