Saturday, March 17, 2007

Generation 3, University

That is all for me! Look forward to Generation 4 with Lynn!

Generation 4 Moving Day


Bubbs said...

WHO IS SIMX??? That is so mean!!! SO MEAN!!! ARRGH!!!

Suzette & Leo sitting in a tree!! Woo-hoo, I see the next spouse. Bye Darryl, didn't even know ya. HAHA - get the cow! Get the cow!!

WHO IS SIMX??? A big green blob that's who!

Bubbs said...

How nice, we now see the real SimX. Orlando, hmm, interesting. I thought he was a female by the shoes I saw, but I was wrong. Tricky Wen, lol.

ruby said...

What wait, who was brought back? *scratching head* I'm so confused..
Oh darn, poor Daryl *giggling* you get to go to uni so you can die.. ah such is the life of a sim!

Rachel said...

Nice job with University! Oh Leo the gardner is so hot! What a lucky girl

Anjel76 said...

I think Alphonse would look better without the mustache. Oh yes I do. Yes I do. ;O)

That was mean not to let us know what sim was brought back.


SGT Heather said...

So what is going to happen with the spores I wonder. I am glad Darryl got it. Any boy who wears make up has some issues.