Friday, March 30, 2007

Generation 4 - Birthdays and College

Welcome back folks! This looks to be my last entry. I shall miss talking to you. I don't even know if I will survive until I see you again....sigh

Essence, the neckless wonder, welcomes you back also. She will be our doggy heir. I wonder who she will mate with?

My dear handsome Grayson grew into a teen. He is all about the money.

{sniffle} I went to the pet cemetary to visit Lucio this week. Man, I really miss this dog. Maybe I will revive her......what harm could come from bringing her back one last time????

A few days after her brother, Kylee grew into a teen also.

First thing she did was run out to the well. She knew Grayson was studying for Uni and she wanted a boyfriend.

Here is who she received, local townie Berjes. Doesn't she know she can only marry NPC's and not townies?

It seems our pc was broken and she asked her new boyfriend to fix it. Hmm, not a good idea....luckily he didn't die from this.

My birthday was the next nig event in our house. Now that I am getting older, I need to focus on what matters most in life. Leo said I can help him make grilled cheese sandwiches for the grandchildren.....

Mom comes out to visit us now. Here she is saying hello to Grayson, too bad he wasn't happy to see her.

My darling children went off to Uni. Kylee told me that Grayson now believes he will be the heir. She is NOT happy about this turn of events. Their time at Uni is hearsay as I wasn't there.

Here is their nutty neighbor. Kylee said when they have invited her over, she started talking to someone who isn't there. I wonder what happened to her...

Grayson has been dating a local fire fighter. I think he likes her uniform the most. He met her when his grandma caught on fire. He said it was fate.

My nephew Gandolfe went to college with my kids, but he was partying way too hard and flunked out. Poor Gandolfe.

Doesn't Kylee understand that if she wants to become the heir she needs date NPC's? It does no good to date a regular townie. She said she needs to date so others will write her term paper.

She does spend a lot of time workng on her studies.

Grayson bought his first store, Misc. Store.

Leo has shopped there. He said it is a nice store to buy stuff at.

He told me Grayson takes his business very seriously.

Kylee now thinks Grayson is out to get her. She was talking to the trees when 'The Zapper' by Grayson started zapping her. What is wrong about talking to the trees????

I am happy to announce that both my kids graduated with honors. I have missed having them around the house.

They have returned back to the Manor. Where will their lives go?

Generation 5 Week 1


Jenntsg said...

tee hee **snickers** I like this part "Kylee now thinks Grayson is out to get her. She was talking to the trees when 'The Zapper' by Grayson started zapping her. What is wrong about talking to the trees????"

Wow! Snow accumulates on the roofs of houses?!?! I have yet to play a family through a winter that has a house.

ASimWen said...

Hehehe that is too funny....getting zapped whilst talking to the trees. LOL

Like the pics of the dogs in the house. :)

I can't wait to get started on the hood this weekend. Hmmm what surprises did Lynn leave me?

Melissa said...

Grayson is quite handsome. So is he the new heir? Or is Wen deciding that?

Lisa said...

Poor Kylee. What's wrong with talking to trees? It's no worse than talking to invisible bunnies or shrinks.

Rachel said...

I love the name of the store, Misc Store, too funny!

Anjel76 said...

Soooooo ... which one of them is the heir again? I don't think I saw ... was it clearly stated? :O))

SGT Heather said...

Both of those kids look like their dad. And why am I not surprised that the neckless dog is the dog that will be the K-9 heir, lol.