Saturday, March 24, 2007

Generation 4 - Moving Day

Welcome back to my turn with the family. Wen left me a few surprises during her turn, tricky Wen. Let's get started, shall we?

Our new heir, Suzette, is here to tell the tale that happens during her reign as heir of the Manor. Nice to meet you Suzette.

Hello all! By the way, who are you & where is Wen?

My name is Lynn, you are under my control this round. Wen is waiting to hear from you. She is probably curious what has happened so far.

Ok, let's begin then. I don't need to keep her waiting since she will raise MY grandbabies.

When I came home from College, my half sister Marie was struggling for sunlight. You didn't know about Marie, did you?

No, Wen kept her hidden from me. I think she probably showed me pictures of Marie and I thought they were Jacques.

After getting her fill of sunlight, she started in on her next want. She needed water...BADLY!

Instead of drinking water, she drank some potion that was on the ground. I think my brother, Alphonse told her it was safe to drink.

Here is how Marie looked after her world stopped spinning. She is a strange looking sim, I must say.

My parents sat Jacques down and they had a chat about moving. It seems this lot is too large and our world slows down. Jacques was informed that he would live at the chateau with the other spares while we would live across the street.

So we moved across the street and built the MANOR. We purchased a smaller lot in hopes it would make our lives go faster.

Did you inherit money?

Yes, I think all of us did. I won't tell you who the money is from, but it was a nice amount. I would really love to tell you, but that would take some of the fun away now wouldn't it?

My parents love talking to the trees. I could help them, but why should I? They do a good enough job on their own. When they pass on, then it will become my job to talk to them.

I decided we needed another dog to add to our mix. We found this sweet older dog in the adoption pool and grabbed him right up.

My first night in the Manor and who called me? My dear Leo. He has been waiting for me my whole life. I wonder if he was there when I was born. I was a little confused as I thought he wanted a date, but he wanted an outing. He even brought my father along.

I couldn't help myself honestly. So right there in the resturant, I dropped to my knee to ask him to marry me. I couldn't wait forever for him to ask me.

Back at home, my dogs were awaiting my attention. The sweet dogs love and adore me. Plus it took me so long to find a job, I ended up being home for the first four days of the week.

Why would I have a spare gardener here? Only because Leo must be here visiting me. You can see the Chateau in the background. I am happy we moved across the street. Now my kids will have something to look at. When I was a kid the neighborhood was awfully plain and empty looking.

Why did I think these two would get along? We locked them in the backyard to force them to become friends. For the most part, they are slowly becoming friends. I think I see a chance of puppies in the future!

Leo was here today, you see. We decided to tie the knot in the front yard by the pond. I couldn't believe it when Leo changed into a tux the same type of color as my dress.

My mom finally joined my dad in elderhood. She doesn't look much different as an elder, that must be from the chemical reaction that occured when she became a plant sim or something.

NO LEO NO!!! Get away from that machine!! What are you thinking? Why do you want to become something different? WHY???

Pleasure...romance...ARRGH!!! I love you the way you are you blasted man!

Malfunction Will Robinson Malfunction!!!! {sigh} I know, for the GOOD OF THE FAMILY. My grandfather used to whisper that to me as a kid.


ASimWen said...

*ACK!* How did that happen? Is it a coincidence that the Plant Tonic was on the ground right beside Sunlight-starved Marie??? Errr...actually, it was. LOL
OO OOHhh! Inheritance.? Who could it be from? Umm, I don't see Alphonse in any of these pictures. Nope.

Gaston! Why are you going on dates with your daughter? Could it be you wanted to chaperone? You have known Leo for a long time. You know he is a good guy.

And LEO....why grilled cheese? Oh why????? heh


Bubbs said...

Just because you didn't see him, doesn't mean he is gone. :)

ruby said...

Inheritance? From? Oh give, come on.. who?!
Grilled cheese! I hope Suzette likes fatness *giggle*
Marie is sure, um.. interesting looking!

Lisa said...

Malfunction Will Robinson Malfunction!!!!

I'm having a Lost in Space flashback!

Rachel said...

Beavis is SO funny looking, I think that's the prefect name! The pink tux, too funny! Ah, grilled cheese sim!!!!

Anjel76 said...

Grilled cheese, ehh? Are you going for the Platinum gravestone? Heh.

And if those two doggies get it on, the puppies are going to look VERY interesting!


So who died?

ASimWen said...

Yes, going' for the gold stone for Leo the GCS. HA! Never did figger out who's death resulted in all that inheritance.

SGT Heather said...

Oh a grilled cheese Leo! I have to say that Beavis and Paulette will make for some interesting puppies!!!