Saturday, March 24, 2007

Generation 4 - Spare & Future Information

Since Christy sold off Ayla, I decided to find a mate for Aldo. They aren't going to mate anytime soon, but we do have the whole adult stage to go though with him. He shouldn't be alone in his doggy world, Paulette won't live forever. This gives them plenty of time to build a friendship. Meet Moppery! Her bright pink collar accents her pretty pink spots.

Paulette had her brithday two days after her puppies grew up. This gives her about one more week with us.

Let me really introduce you to Aldo, our dog heir. He looks friendly enough, eh?

Looks can be deceiving. He really barks at strangers! Middle of the night he runs to the window to bark at whatever he thinks he sees out there.

We have had our share of ghosts wandering around. Here they are in a group of pictures. No one has been scared.......yet.

I see John-Paul came out to say hello to you. He used to tell me about you.

Yes, it was nice to see him wandering around the house.

What happened with Astrid? Why was she constantly screaming??

Let's just say she wasn't a pleasant death, I don't think she is a happy ghost.

When was there a cat in the Deveroux house? We are DOG people! Who got a cat? For the love of llhamas!!

See people! Not cat people!!!

You know life has been busy here, but there is another house in the neighborhood. It is the spare house. Let me tell you a little of their doings.

Christelle brought Orlando over to the house. They were married later that day.

They had a child, Gandolfe. He seems to be a little doll, huh? Orlando's genes aren't so bad after all.

Mom & Dad go over there to fish. I heard mom actually wore clothes over there. She hardly ever has clothes on at home.

This is Michelle. She is Jacques's spored daughter. She is also a vampire. Interesting combination. Sun light doesn't kill her. I repeat DOESN'T KILL HER. Her need for sun is greater than her loss of the need. She does need hydration and love still. She didn't die in the sun is the main thing of interest.

Ok, enough of them, beck to us. Here I am playing 'Who has the bigger belly' game with Leo. Who do you think has the bigger belly?

Aldo showed Moppery who ranked better in the dog rank world.

Then the pains came. It was awful at first, but the outcome is so worth it. My dad finally filled his want to have a grandbaby. You know he locked it when I graduated college.

Meet Grayson Deveroux. Handsome little devil.

I made it to the top of another career. Leo is still working on that education career though.

Could you believe the nerve of this townie? Luckily I brought my zapper home from college. It zoomed right out and got her! Bet she won't try that again.

Somehow I found myself pregnant again. Taking care of a newborn is a little tiring.

Luckily my dad was there to pick up the slack. No nanny needed in this house. Nanny Gaston to the job!

On Grayson's birthday my father's time ran out. He just laid little Grayson down to bed while a visitor showed up. He gave my father a tropical drink and off they went. {sigh}

I told you he was a handsome little devil, didn't I? Do you agree?


ASimWen said...

Awww Moppery is cute! Lemme see...I'll bet she is mean as a dickens, right??? Yeah, I guessed so. Run mailman, Run!

I think ALdo has a 'tude from being blue and pink! I really do! hahaha Let alone havin' to sport that fluffy crown!

*wavies* Hallo to you Jean-Paul! Long time no see!

Astrid has a 'tude to match the doggies!

Kim was there just because Lauren could. That's all. hehehe

Yeah, made a mistake there....let one of the Devereux spares fall in love. Heh. Sort of hard not to use them as a ghost color when that happens...hehehe Orlando is a good guy.

Ooohh! Michelle is a pretty teal blue!

Ha! Grayson is here, and one in the oven! Very good!

Bubbs said...

Will you bring in more cats??? Just

ruby said...

Now that is interesting... I hadn't even thought about the whole vamp needs dark / plant needs light thing. At least now I know who that was with the bleh!
Oh and I finally know who was brought back by grimmie phone LOL
Aw your new heir is adorable!
Bye Gaston *waves*

Rachel said...

You had a cat at the very beginning I remember her.

I finally got to your Vampire Plant Sim. Interesting, sun doesn't kill them.

No matter how often a see a sim passed out in their food, I still laugh.

Welcome Grayson.
Great update!

Anjel76 said...

Out with the old, in the with the new, eh? ;O)

SGT Heather said...

Love the vampire plant sim! I remember you mentioning her before. Quite and anomaly. Gaston passed on, so sad. I love the dynamics of the dogs. They are almost more entertaining then the family!