Saturday, April 14, 2007

Generation 5/Gettin' It On


Bubbs said...

Look who showed up, at least she has a good dinner partner. He doesn't look too happy to have his picture taken, huh?

How did Quavi get in there??? Hmmm.... Who is that behind Benjamin??

Goodbye Moppery & Aldo! Hello Butthead!!!

Baby at work??? She looks HUGE at the mailbox!

ruby said...

Too funny Xuan doesn't look too thrilled about sitting w/SimLynn

well done 3 down you are so gonna do it!! Yeah you!

Heh! Butthead... tdf!

Anjel76 said...

Where on EARTH are you guys getting all of these freaky lookin' dogs?! Aren't there any NORMAL ones? *LOL*

And FOUR puppies ... wow ... the house is gonna be ROCKIN'!

ASimWen said...

As far as the types of dogs go, many of our pets have had jobs, and we have been able to unlock different coat colors. Lynn and I have been also making each other a coupla dogs to use as mates to carry on the pet legacy using the different colors and such. Also, when our Sims go to the pet store to buy one, we can tweak what the dog will look like that is bought. :)
Yes, seeing all those puppies born was something. I think it was a glitch. lol It was fun though.

Rachel said...

My goodness, what a full house. If I remember this is the glitched one, with 8,000,000 sims. I wonder how you'll deal with this.

Girlie said...

god is she ever not pregnet? seems like she gets pregnet twice every update! and i think she actually does!

Lisa said...

*snicker* I wondered where Butthead was! *having Beavis and Butthead flashbacks*

Maura hasn't had time to work out with all those babies coming, has she?