Saturday, April 14, 2007

Generation 5/Seeing The Light

Wrapping It Up, Uni And Other Things


Bubbs said...

Business #4 - Woo-hoo! Kolby doesn't look too sure of his cousin's selling ability. Yep, there I am shopping again. There you are also!! We like to shop. :) I see the 'other woman' is still around. Will Grayson get caught?

OMG! Essence and her puppy?? HAHA - look at that neck!!!

Look - it's the heir! He looks like the founder, his great-great-great grandpa! (Is that enough greats?)

WTG!! 5 top level businesses! YEAH Grayson!! Felipe is a cutie. {sigh} Bye Essence...

ruby said...

OMG you did it! I have to do this for a vamp, its gonna be .. um, intersting *giggle*
Well done and Kudos to ya
Oh hey we got a new heir! Yeah and he's another handsome young man.. then again they are all handsome.
First Matthieu was gagging over Emmy and then smooching her .. simmen *giggling*

Anjel76 said...

Man ... those dogs ... whoa ... I'm surprised some of them can even stand since their heads are so darn big. HA!

Rachel said...

Way to go on the 5 Top Level Businesses! I have that one going, just haven't finished yet. The boys are such cuties!

SGT Heather said...

Wow, nice work on the 5 Top Businesses. Essence really looks like she needs a meal or 40, lol. I loved all the puppies popping into adulthood!