Thursday, April 26, 2007

Generation 6 - The Mistress of Death??

Starfire here is proud to welcome you back to the warped family of Asimwen and Lynn. There have been some surprises left in store for me and you, the viewer, by Wen that I, Lynn, will try to clear up.

There is MY mother, Maura, whatever that woman did to her is AWFUL!! She was so full of life and love and then one all she does is lay on the grass and stare at the clouds.

Matthieu, hush! I haven't introduced you yet to our readers. They had no idea you were here until now. Your mother does seem happier now, wouldn't you say? Was your mom really happy with your father? They had NO attraction for each other, none at all.

What are you talking about? They had 4 kids and loved each other. That little huzzy walked over here and ruined it all!!

Look at her wants, she wants another baby!! Doesn't that make you happy? Look at her family relationships, she isn't friends with ANY of her kids.

You have overlooked the obivious thing here haven't you? She is mad at my father and is in love with my GRANDFATHER!!! All that man talks about are grilled cheese sandwiches. Do you know how many GC sandwiches I ate as a kid? Our house smelled like cheese 24/7. Who cares she wasn't my friend all the time, she is my MOTHER!!

Your grandfather seemed to have been in love with her also, but now he is mad at both of them. I wonder what happened??

I don't know...I was at college with my girl, Emmy Bear. Have you tried the phone yet? Aren't you supposed to bring my brother back? Aren't you???

There is a problem with that idea. He died at college and has to be brought back at college. He can't be the heir as he is DEAD! That is why you and Emmy broke up...remember? Didn't Wen explain all that to you?

NO!!! I am not the heir! I don't want to be the heir! I want Emmy! I want my mother to get off the ground and start behaving like she cares.

That's so sad you don't want to be heir....too bad it isn't up to you at all. Your mother isn't going anywhere, she is just a little mad at your father and this is how she calms down by watching the clouds. Allrighty then, now that this is out of the way, let us continue.

At least the little huzzy did not mess with my grandfather. He still looks at my grandmother with those loving eyes. I am relieved to know that while she was alive, he was a faithful husband.

Who do you keep calling the huzzy? Why do you think she is out to get your family? You aren't making sense....

Ok, you KNOW who the huzzy is as my father told me you were the one who introduced him to her. You sent them to Uni together., you know that? I didn't realize you knew that little tidbit of information. Next picture please!!

Because of that huzzy, there was no real inheritance from my grandfather either.

Our dogs mourned the passing of my grandfather. Poor dogs, there will be no more grilled cheese sandwich scraps for them.

Looks like Felix dated your girl, you didn't like our brother???

Lets not discuss that note, ok? That was something Wen left for me to see...

My father's birthday party. I see his little huzzy made it here. Isn't that special? Little tramp....

Your father is as guilty as she is Matthieu. She didn't do it all on her own.

GAWD! It wasn't his fault, she did it to him. She stalked him at his businesses...STALKED!!

You must admit, he is happier when she is around.

Look at how she walks she should live here or something. It is strange enough to know that vampire-plant person Michelle is in our family. Plus why must she walk like THAT! One might start thinking something is wrong with her or something.

One day she is here with my dad and the next thing I know, Damien is sick. I bet that huzzy has something to do with it.

Why would she do that? What good is there in doing that?

Come on, you know we are rich! She might milk dad for all he is worth. Plus I bet she wants grandfather's place in the house. That way she can cause mom more grief. That space is for my WIFE...EMMY BEAR!

Do we have to go over this again? You are the heir! You are NOT going to marry Emmy....

Ohhh, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! I can't hear you!!!

I can hear you though...

Well, after some time I suppose I should tell everyone that my mother had her birthday also. She didn't have a party. I was actually happy to see she ventured off the lawn. Sort of strange seeing her staring at the clouds all day long.

See I told you it would take sometime.

NO!!! Now that huzzy is infecting Damien's sick thoughts. She is tearing my family apart!!

You know, I think you are the only person who thinks this way.

You can't know that, you can only talk to me!! My dad and brother said they never hear from you.

A-ha!! No wonder all the neighbors are pointing and whispering about us! THAT HUZZY IS PREGNANT!!!

Are you only blaming her again? You know it takes two to tango...

She needs to just venture up to the third floor I tell you. There are some past relatives who will take care of her!!

MATTHIEU!! That is not nice at all! She is carring your brother/sister!

Don't remind me....

Oh yes, our dog Fleur had more puppies. At least they are blocking the huzzy from joining us...

Why must she visit us all the time? Doesn't she have a house?

Honestly, I think you dad is going to set her up in a house.


Well, you were sort of busy when he discussed it with your brother. I just happened to listen in...

Aww, during my little know a man has needs....

Hey reader! It's me, Damien. Matthieu is working right now, so let's chat. You see there is a strange visitor around here and I think she posioned me. She poisoned my dad also, but he fell in love with her.

Damien, what are you doing? You know you shouldn't be in here looking around. You haven't been talking to Matthieu, have you?

They deserve the TRUTH!! How else do you explain this? I was just fine and then I found myself passing out. How do you explain that?

Dad's birthday is when it started! You know who brought the cake, right? It was dad's mistress.

You don't call her the huzzy, like Matthieu?

No, being the baby in the family I got to see a lot of stuff. I know I was a 'risky woo-hoo' surprise, but she is actually nice to have around as dad is happy.

I've got to talk fast as the poison and I were never close. Matthieu is just upset over Felix.

Felix? He is DEAD!! And believe it or not, I didn't have anything to do with that. That was the other controller.

You aren't going to tell Matthieu, are you? I mean he would be mad to know...


Ok, we will chat later...get some rest. (Side note: this is my wallpaper on my pc right now)

What have I missed?

Just your mom getting hit by a sattelite...


Ok, Matthieu, how does she control them now also?

I know she had something to do with this! She is the reason my mother is staring at the clouds anyway. Another inheritance missed because of the huzzy.

Does this seem normal to you? I find myself bathing in the sink! I sometimes wonder if Matthieu is right. You know she served me some 'special' hot chocolate at my dad's birthday party. She did poison me! Where is Matthieu, I need to tell him.

Ok, let me find him...

Looks like Matthieu has been working some. Good job.

Just what exactly do you do when I'm at work?

Nothing, just watching over the house. I think Damien wanted you.

NO!!!! The huzzy killed my brother! She POISONED him!

What did he want?

I don't know, he doesn't talk to me...remember?

At least my father is here with me and the dogs. Too bad he doesn't want to hear anything bad about the HUZZY! She has brainwashed him!

Want to tell the readers what is coming up?

I suppose I can. Our house gets a new edition. Who will it be? Will I get my EMMY BEAR? Will my dad get his HUZZY? Or will I be FORCED to marry someone else?


New Family Members


ASimWen said...

OOhhh the drama! Those boys certainly have a chip on their shoulder, don't they??? GAWD all this because Grayson had a squeeze on the side, and Felix had the misfortune of wanting mulitple women as well...hahahaha...looks like the only real successful lover in the family was Felipe....

OHh Emmy Bear?? She is such a sweet innocent. No wait. She slep with Felipe too...and Matthieu....GAWD. What a messed up family. hehe

Anjel76 said...

Lynn ... you are EVIL!!! Are they not allowed to marry townies? :O(( And not telling Mattieu that his brother was poisoned by the huzzy. You are so CRUEL for not passing on the final words! :O((

Rachel said...

Hehe, too funny! GReat job on the satalite! And getting the shot! Poisen!!! That darn hussy.

ruby said...

Nice Sat shot! Yeah, um, I mean aw she'll be missed *snickering*
and poison, sweet ... I figured the weird walk was pregger woman heh!
Oh that Emmy Bear is cute, but he can't have her.. that would be too nice! Muhahaha!

SGT Heather said...

Wow, Matthieu is feisty! You've got your hands full I see! Congrats on the satellite. I still haven't had that happen in my game.