Sunday, April 29, 2007

Generation 6 - New Family Members

**Looks around** Ok, the controller is missing right now, let's continue.

Our dogs have grown up. To be honest, Lady actually grew up a few days before but there is no picture of that. Talk to the controller about that as I had nothing to do with it.

Look at who they chose for me!! GAWD!! I'm suppose to marry Emmy Bear, not some bartender. At least after her makeover, she isn't half bad. A few dates and they decide to arrange my wedding to her?

Emmy did come to my wedding though. It was really nice to see her here. I hope she isn't too upset over it. Hey, that little boy looks like me. I need to chat with my father about him. He said his name is Gray. At least he has good taste in checking out Emmy.

This is not Emmy Bear, but she sure is happy. Too bad I'm not attracted to her. I will have to make due, I suppose. Not like I have a choice. That controller made me do this.

My father finally went off and got a job. Why did he become a cult leader? Just as long as his followers stay away from the house, I suppose that will do. Another plus is the huzzy won't be around when he is at work.

My grandfather came out to whine about his urn. Third floor Cheese man...all graves are on THIRD FLOOR!!

Hey, why did you start the pictures already? Who are you chatting online with?? Don't tell me you are chatting to Emmy, AGAIN! You are now a married man!

My wife is in the other room, hush! She isn't aware of my history with Emmy and I would like to keep it that way! SHHHHH!!

Did you see my brother the other day?

Couldn't miss his bright green self, wandering around the first floor.

Whatever, heir my as....
Such Language!!
Oh yeah, the 'heir' is back...whatever, where are his kids?
Where are yours?
Seen Cassidy lately? My seed isn't dead like the 'heirs'. I've done my job.

She is carrying my children and eating Grayson's specialty cheesecake.

Why did you feed her cheesecake? WHY???

I didn' father did...

She isn't as small as she used to be. Why doesn't she clean that dog bed? I can see the fumes from here.

She is a Deveroux wife, she doesn't have to do that.

My father still has that huzzy around here! I hope she is out of the picture when he watches my kids!!

**Whispers** Did you see who came over the other night? It is always nice to see my old friends.

And you complained about the huzzy????

Sadly there was one more death by the huzzy that we left off last time. She killed off our parrot Maximillion.

She did? I found your family never gave him food....

Now? Now you go into labor? I was just falling asleep!!

These are your kids she is having, the fruit of your loin....



Did you know our female dog Fleur is really getting old. We are already looking into who Lady's mate will be.

Why is Cassidy so happy? What have you done to her?

Done? Funny you should ask, I think she is pregnant again.

** Now you lose a dog? Didn't you play with her??? **

She isn't my dog. I am the proud master of Lady. My dad must be too busy to play with his dad.

Excuse me sir, I need to report a lost dog....

Just trying to get in shape, have you seen my side profile?

Just our happy dogs resting on the bed. Did you realize the other controller won't let the dogs even in the house??

I remember hearing that from somewhere....

Days are passing and no sign of Fleur. Time to bring in Urbaine!

NONONO! It is not time for an elder male dog! Now we have to keep him young! Who told you to call?

I didn't call, Cassidy did. She has no friends besides me and the kids. She was lonely...

My little heirs to be are now toddlers!

Look at the bald boy & that hair on Valla! Where did the red hair come from?

I think we are done now. Here is my daughter Mallory. Hopefully her siblings are nice to her.

I wanted to show off some of our newest pieces of the art collection. Why did I paint my dad with his huzzy? **Sigh**

Blasted Fleur returns. No room for puppies with this dog back in the picture.


And Who Are You???


ASimWen said...

Lady is a good looking doggy. Papricka and Peppy look alot like Fleur.

Well, Cassidy did clean up nicely, didn't she? She is beautiful, befitting to become a Devereux wife! Awwww, feel badly for Emmy, shows she has backbone comin' back around. Hmm..maybe she should have been a Deveruex woman!

So Grayson finally went to work. Good for him! Does he miss Maura at all?

Hello ghostie of Leo! *waves*

I think the Devereux see a pattern here. Is Matthieu pining after an old love??? Like his dear old daddy Grayson??? HA!

Hello Emerald Green Damien! *waves*

Hello Scared To Death Pink Felix! *waves*

Woo-hoo! Three kids for the Devereuxs! YEAH!

Boo-Hoo! Sorry Maximillion. *sob*

Glad to see ya Fleur!!!!

*SHUDDER* DAWGS in the house....

Urbaine started out as a Doberman when I was makin' him in CAS....hahahaha

Anjel76 said...

I'm glad that Fleur returned. Y'know ... something tells me that are forced-heir is doing everything in his power to make you miserable, Lynn ... it's revenge, y'see. ;O))

Rachel said...

Can you say hypocrit? Complaining about the hussy and then bringing Emmy around.

Poor Max

The babies are cuties!

Ut-Oh Fleur ran away! Oh he's back!

ruby said...

blasted dog! *giggle* too funny
aw kids! wow 3 of 'em huh... why so many? They're awfully cute tho, and I reckon it wont be hard to figure out which one will be heir... *g*
HA I look like someone.. hmmm... Gray... I wonder who he could be related to *giggle* he's a cutie!

SGT Heather said...

I love the picture of Starlight and Lady sleeping on the bed together! How cute! Matthieu really has some issues with your denying him Emmy Bear huh? I see him going down the same road as his father pretty soon.