Monday, May 28, 2007

Generation 8 - Am I Cursed??

Where is Joseph?
He is outside doing Raphael's test. Once the test is done, we can start working on the babies.

Looks like Joseph is an old family friend....

Joseph? Why are you in the pool? What type of test is this? I need to find Raphael...

How funny is this? Being caught cheating by the ghost of Jean-Paul...HAHAHA!

I can't help are being tested by Raphael. I can't step in...

Oh all the things...a tree fire! I am still looking for Raphael.

Hey Raphael! What type of test are you giving Joseph?
A simple one...treading water. How long can you tread water???

HAHAHA! Komei!!! Is Jospeh done with his test?
Not even close, he will be done soon.

We haven't forgotten you Joseph. Don't worry, Raphael said you will be done soon. Just tread a few more minutes.

Aren't you worried?
Nope, not at all. Joseph will do fine. He is a nice specimen of male genes.

Come on Joseph! Push those muscles a little longer! You are almost there!!

**Headshake** This can't be good for Joseph....

Sorry Joseph, Raphael said you only had to pass one little test.

What now? Are you proposing to ANOTHER lover?
I have to...I have to prove to Raphael that I am heir material. He said I wasn't heir material. That is why my husbands keep dying! He is such a jerk!!

YADA..YADA...YADA... this is major Dejavu' here....

Why aren't you dressed up Raphael?
Why? She is just gonna let him die also. She is not meant to be the heir. Why don't you realize that? Just let me call Beverly over here and the 'Real Heir' can be announced?

Is this your third wedding night?
Be nice to her! She doesn't deserve that! She had two husbands who died unexpectantly, let her be!
Garrett? Who said you could talk to me?
I did and I am not going anywhere!!

After that whole little speech, here he is outside watching the clouds...**headshake** Nice knowing you Garrett.

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust
Raphael what have you been up to? Why are you messing with your brother-in-laws? They are really nice men and your sister is happy with each of them!

The sooner you realize that I am the heir, the sooner we can move this family along. Why must you deny the obvious? I am the heir!
Didn't you realize your sister seems to think it is her?
Need just a little more time....

Generation 8 - I do???

Great, just in time for the 'Wedding of the Year!!' Aren't you excited???

Aww, it looks like Professor Amin is joining the household. Yeah for attraction...awww, sad for genes....
Don't you insult my husband! He is very handsome!

How are you Raphael?
I'm excited for Raquel, but you know Beverly is still waiting for my call. Don't forget that, she can be here at a minute's notice!

Wedding bells....what could be better?

Happy now, Raquel?
Yes, very much so. Now it is time to pop out some kids. YEAH!!!

Why is he thinking of Emmy when he should be thinking of Raquel? I think he needs to taught a lesson....
What are you talking about Raphael?

The room is a rocking....we must stop knocking!!!

Why in the world is nosey Amin upstairs? Hmm, what did Raphael talk about with him?? Is this how he plans on teaching him a lesson?? Let's watch...

**Headshake** Looks like Raphael didn't like you checking out Emmy Bear. That is what you get for not keeping your eyes in your head.

Don't know what to say....adios Amin!

Aren't you upset or anything? least now Raphael will be happy. Amin did something that made him really mad today.

Now I see what you are up to...
I told you she was ready to do this....

I beat him to my LTW!! HAHA! I beat Raphael!!!

I see Raqual also has other plans for the potential heir.
I don't know why Amin was on the third floor, he was warned not to go up there! Why did he still go up there? Time for Professor Joseph!

Oh yeah, wedding number two for Raquel! Hope this spouse survives longer!!
Me too...Raphael said he has a test for Joseph after the wedding. What type of test would that be? Dad said he wasn't given a test...

There are fewer guests at this wedding....

Am I Cursed??

Generation 8 - Who is the Heir?

Welcome back to the Devereux house! See here is what our dear friend Wen left me. A house busting out at the seams!! There are five sims and five dogs. You are here to find out who the heir is, right? Let's explore that, ok?

Here we find, Valla, the mother of the heirs. Valla, who do you think should the heir be?
Oh my goodness, I have no idea. Both my children have good potential with my genes and all. Don't make me choose....

Timothy, the father of the heirs, who do you think should be heir?
Oh, are you talking to me? Oh, I don't know...did you ask Valla?

Hello Matthieu! Nice to see you are still around my old friend. Any heir idea from you?
NEITHER!! Neither of them deserve it! As long as I am alive I choose neither!!

Well hello Raphael, I suppose you want to be heir?
You got that right. I am the easier choice as I already have my mate picked out. Professor Beverly is just waiting for the call. Just let me know when...

Greetings Raquel, what is your view?
I suppose I could be heir. Oh my goodness, if I am chosen, who would I marry? I have three great men in my life. Would I have to pick out one? How would I pick out just one of them?

The portraits of the potential heirs. Both are nice looking, how does one decide? We do have some time, as before one can be picked, Matthieu must die....

Grandpa, our clocks are ticking and we need the next generation to be born. Don't you want the family lineage to continue? Then you must start looking for the light.
Way to put it nicely Raquel...

Our first ghost sighting, Grayson. He must be curious also about the new heir.

I see you finally got Emmy Bear.
No thanks to you. She was a TEEN CASHIER....she was an NPC!!! You could have used her!!

I see Raquel here has taken the matter into her own hands.
Lord knows how long it would have taken you to decide!!

HAHA! This is why we were waiting Raquel. This is why....

Raquel, you should have waited.
Why? We needed to make sure all was ready for the heir, right. Of course I must be the heir. That will stop that "Male Devereux" curse where they pine over their lost love.
This from the sim with THREE LOVERS???

Today we have a busy day ahead of us. Here are the happy couple dancing for their birthday wishes.


Sadly, that same day Matthieu had his final birthday....
Take care of him...take care of my Basile!!!

Matthieu's grave went upstairs into the grave room. Here is the section he resides in, the platinum grave section....

"Just take care of Basile?" What a strange request for his deathbed. Hmm, here it shows that Basile is his SON!! I am sure we will meet him soon.

The next day, Longbottom chased his stick into the sky....

Since we have more than enough graves here at the house, Lady and Longbottom are moved to the pet cemetry where most of the family's dogs reside. All were moved there at one point, but some have vanished...