Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Generation 6 - And Who Are You??

Time to continue with your tale Matthieu...chop chop, the readers are waiting.
I suppose I must...

Tell me again why we have this elevator that keeps breaking?
The other controller put it in the house. The stairs were blocking her view.

ARRGH!!! Look at who my dad brought over while I was at work?? And she has KIDS!!! Are they ALL my brothers???
Umm, not exactly....let's go see her house for a minute.

See how happy your dad is with her? I see the other controller's simself is here also checking them out.
Why did he get her a house again? WHY??? That is my family's money! Why is he spending it on her??? She was the one who told me I wasn't the heir, right? I need to chat with HER!!!

Where else did you want these little angels to live? Did you expect them to live on the street? You know they are related to you...
I really need to chat with my father!! **STALKS OUT OF THE ROOM**

Your dad is not the only male Devereux who visits Suzanne....too bad you missed this picture...

Do you feel better now?
NO! How about this, our dog comes back home to die? Why bother?
Fleur is your dad's dog, he wanted to make sure she was taken care of.

Look at what she talks about with my dad...where are my kids? He is SUPPOSED to be watching the kids!! Show me my children, you know where they are!

Lucius is over here, ummm, eating.
GAWD!!! My dad is ignoring my children to eat with that huzzy! He is eating the dog's food! DAD!!! FEED MY BOY!!!

At least they turned out ok. Valla here is our little boxing champ at school.

Lucius is our mean messy pirate.
He is a typical Devereux male.
What does that mean? A 'typical Devereux male'?
Your family isn't known for being nice or neat...that is all I am saying.

Hello mother, checking in with us? I would say we miss you, but we don't...

We tried to get the kids into private school...
**grumble** Stupid headmaster glitch!

Oh, you mean since Mallory was to grow up the headmaster REFUSED to eat or talk to us?
Yes, at least you can't blame Suzanne for this.

See what that did to my wife? Now she has gone nutty on me!!

If she pulls that ball out again...
Go call Emmy, she is bound to want to talk to you....

At least it went off without a hitch the next night. With no tour either!

Why is Emmy here again?
Well Cassidy is off with her ball again... plus you told me to call her, so I did.

We have another puppy. He is blue like his dad, I wonder what will he look like later?

Will you leave so Emmy and I can have some private time? It was your idea I call her...
It was my idea the other night, not tonight.
Still, your idea.

Lucius brought one of those huzzy's kids home today. I guess that Dwight is Lucius' uncle, huh? You know my dad denies these two...
Dwight isn't his uncle.....

HAHA! This poor visitor made the mistake of using our hot tub. I see my relatives were waiting for her...
It's bad up there at night. There is always one or three ghosts wandering around.

She couldn't even leave!! HAHAHA!

Starfire is no longer with us, he passed this morning.

I love her shirt, I wonder where she got it?

Our youngest daughter grew up! Valla was the most excited since this gives her a girl to play with.


We kept Urbaine around long enough, huh? Time to let him move on?
Yep, but I think he left a surprise for us...

The whole family got together to get Mallory into private school. I really need to chat with my children on what to wear for this type of dinner. Swimsuits are not the proper attire.

My great grandfather has started venturing out.
Oops, sorry Gaston!...wrong name here.
WHAT?? You want me gone now too??

Who did it just eat? WHO??
Just that girl, Aubrey Bear, who calls for Felipe every night at 8 PM. She wouldn't take a hint.

I see the surprise you were talking about. Our newest dog, Levi has arrived.

Just my dad and I playing catch outside. Good times.

A blue dog! A blue dog!

Fitting for a Devereux wife, Cassidy has her LTW now.

Beware guys, I have a shot gun and keep it loaded by my bed!
Would that have stopped you when you were a teen?
Hmmph...I clean it regularly!

That's my boy!

Maybe you need to chat with 'your boy' about girl's fathers?
Why? He is a boy, he will be fine....

Lexie AGAIN?? She really wants to get into this family...

Life as a Spare


ASimWen said...

Oh I like that picture of Sim Me. Sim Me looks skinny. LOL

That Huzzy doesn't seem to age, does she??? LOL Grayson is oldern' the hills, and the huzzy is still young and trim. No wonder all the Devereux men want her. She makes good looking kids!

Felipe knows a good thing when he sees it!

Talking woo-hoo at the table? That is inappropriate when gramps outta be watchin' the kids! Otherwise, that kind of talk is OK! hahah

Where are all these redheads comin' from????? heh

Woah Emmy wont' quit comin' around will she??? She must want Matthieu back something awful.

Too funny LUcius bringing home the Huzzy's kids. Can we spell BROTHER?? ahaha

GAWD those ghosts are mean!

Buh-Bye Starfire...sorry never got to play ya! Except for a day or two.

Zoe Campaign! Alright!

Awww cutie puppy Levi!

Another Romance Devereux to play ! Alright!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I just finally caught up on reading all of the entries for this family! I love it. It has inspired me to give the Legacy another chance. I will not be blogging it because I do not have enough time to sit and take pictures and make entries.

I think that Felipe is the father of the Huzzy's Kids. Am I right?

Keep on updating!


Anjel76 said...

This family is SO messed up! We've got affairs running rampant. Dogs of different hues running around ... and this dog actually looks kinda cute ... even with its upturned nose. HA!

I'm waiting for these sims to exact revenge on you and Wen.

So ... the cowplant ate someone. Who's gonna drink her? :O>

Rachel said...

Very funny as always. So the hussy is hussying it up with 2 men from this family!

Yay a blue doggie!!!

ruby said...

Whew the huzzy is sleeping with so many in the family it makes my head spin.. so he isn't the uncle... cousin then?
blue doggies!

SGT Heather said...

A very good looking bunch of kids you got going there! I love the blue dog! It has been fun seeing how those dog genes have worked out and you certainly are adding some interesting ones to the mix!