Saturday, May 5, 2007

Generation 6 - Returning to College

Looks like someone was punished for killing for brother...
Yeah that other controller was mad when it happened, I heard a few choice words I won't mention here.

This is just wrong in a strange way, my son kissing a distant relative of ours.
She is pretty far off in the family tree....I know, I looked it up.

Mallory immediately started in on her LTW to max out the skills.

My boy just keeps getting the women.
He keeps using that well and it is known to backfire!

Just another view of the banished grave.

I heard this made Lexie's day...she was happy after this

See Lucius, it can backfire!!

We already have vampires in the family line, why is he still using that well?

Your son keeps getting the NPCs that are already in your bloodline...
Yep, he is the woman's man....

Mallory is a little upset today, I had to break the news to her that all of her skilling has been for naught as she will reside at the spare house.
Sorry Mallory, you know how it is, one of the twins will be heir.


Where has Valla been hiding?
That blasted thing kept getting her!

What was she thinking? Did she think Lucius would marry her?
I think that was her line of thinking....

Lucius is dating a COW???

She is a happy cow though....

Your daughter is dating the Llama!!
What is their deal with the animals?

I see Lexie is still wearing that head thing...

Is that Lauren getting shocked??? I can't tell....

Did she just quit Lookie U over Lucuis?
Looks that way, doesn't it?

Fine, he loves a cow but what does she look like?
Ancient chinese secret....

What does he look like?
Honestly, I can't tell you....

GAWD!!! Some sort of animal thing going on here?
A mascot is coming into the family now...HAHAHAHAHA!

Off to the spare house, at least you get the other controller so I should see you again. She normally doesn't kill the spares....

Valla my dear, you are off to the Manor. You are a possible heir!!

Lucius, you are also off to the Manor.
Alrighty then!

Life is going back to the Manor! Who will be the heir? Who is the spare? Who will get the businesses? Which dog will be the doggie heir? Turn in for Wen's answers as I can't tell you things I don't know.


Blog comment answered: Here is their family tree from my turn. Now you find out who the huzzy's kids belong to.


ASimWen said...

WAAHHH!!!! Boo-Hoo!!!!! My favorite Sim is dead!!!! Filepe..oh my sexy curly headed disco dancin' Romance Sim Felipe Devereux is now partyin' with the earthworms.... LOLOL hahaha. Too funny! heh

Anjel76 said...

But earthworms are good at the electric slide ... and all other dances that require sliding and gyrating. ;O)) Hehe.

And now we get to see what sorts of surprises Lynn left for Wen. *evil laughter*

Rachel said...

I wonder who will be the heir? Great job!

ruby said...

What is with the animal loving *giggle fits* OMG a llama & a cow? You rock!! Yeah!
I love this legacy you two have going on, its way fun to watch unfold