Thursday, May 17, 2007

Generation 7 - Grim's 15 Minutes of Fame

Visit the Howdyschells - ISBI!

How did they die? Watch this raw unedited footage!


Valla reaches her LTW


Bubbs said...

Oh where did that Zombie come from?? {snicker}

Broken robots can be bad!! Fix them before they...OH NO!!! DEATH BY FLIES!! WOOT!! Good job Wen!! OMG - you got two of them...too funny!!!

GRAYSON!!! NO!!! {sigh} Bye Grayson, you really left us a legacy. :) By Lady, your mean pupies are here to stay.

Oh no - we are DOG people...Welcome Marie!!

Yeah! Generation 7 Raphael! Yes your parents are srange in their space captain outfit and llama head...

Rachel said...

OMG! Robots gone Wild!!!!! Look at all that trash, I think I see where this is going. Yep. What a blood bath! Too funny

Twoyys4me said...

wow their yard made the Howdyshells' look like the Plaza! I love how the dogs were howling at Grimmy during the vid. :)
Welcome to Raphael- cutie indeed- but hope his 'biting nose' habit doesn't stick around. :)

ruby said...

Aw Raphael is a total cutie!
Congrats with the flies! Wow that is impressive! I have never been able to do that... my hats off to you, you didn't just get one, you got two!
Aw, *tear* you will be missed Grayson!

Anjel76 said...

Aww! Raphael is adorable. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the video. An error pops up saying: "Oops! No video!" *cries* I wanna see the death by flies!!!

Lots of death going on in this one, isn't there. ;O))

SGT Heather said...

That was a lot of trash! Raphael is adorable! What a cutie! Grim did have a bit of a starring role in this episode.