Thursday, May 17, 2007

Generation 7 - The Start

Generation 7 Players

Sorry no introductory picture - Matthieu's wife


Bubbs said...

What does Tim look like??? OMG - wedding outcast!! ROFLMAO!!!

Oh no, is Tim 'special'? Is that why he had the llama head on?? Welcome to the family Tim, hope you survive this. Haha! Except for Tim and Cassidy, it looks like a great party!

Is Cassidy worried about her 'position' in the house now?

Hey Drake! Lucius isn't happy that he brought you home.

Oh look, our happy doggies!!

Rachel said...

Awe poor Sim Wen is an out cast. She doesn't look so bad in that dress.

Yay, my I Heart TS2 Shirt!

Nice update as always

Twoyys4me said...

lol.. great wedding pics- poor ol' Wen the outcast- she looked pretty darn good to me once they let her inside though. :)
looks like a fun party all around. :)

ruby said...

Yeah Timothy! He's a hottie, nice grab on that one *eyebrow wiggles*

Oy Wen, you poor dear, ya look a bit blue there... they musta left you outside a bit too long... although it sets off that dress vera nicely.. rawr! *w*

I love this family!

Anjel76 said...

And welcome back to the fold, Wen! :O)) So I see we're havin' us a weddin'! And you and Lynn were in attendance. :O)) I love your dress and Lynn's dress. And WHAT fat ... HA! You've got great cleavage. ;O))

Boy ... the groom sure likes his llama head. Does he wear that thing to bed??? ;O))

SGT Heather said...

LOL! I loved the Llama cleaning pictures!