Friday, May 25, 2007

Generation 7 - Unversity

Evil Cow Vs...... Which One???

Raquel seeks the warmth of her must pick for a mate. Whom do you think is best for Raquel?

For Raphael....

That is all for The Devereuxs, Generation 7! Look forward to Generation 8 with Lynn! See you next time!


Bubbs said...

HAHA! It waited for the fight to end? Too funny!!

Professors galore! Hmmm, looks like I know who will be the next spouse! A Professor!!

Where is Emmy? Did Grayson die or MOVE???

Rachel said...

How time flies! Who will be heir? *clears throat* Raquel! 3 professors, and she likes the ugliest one the best, hummm. It must be the smartest and nicest.

Twoyys4me said...

Great Uni update- love how Tim the Llama dropped them off- what funny pics.
3 professors for Raquel to choose from- hmmm.. I like prof no. 2. :)
Good to see Beverly Kim back, her and Raphael will make purdy babies.

Melissa said...

As far as spouses go for Raquel, I vote for the 2-bolter Amin Knott. (He's not THAT bad!)

For heir, I vote for Raphael and his pretty Prof. Beverly.

ruby said...

Wow, 2 bolts with the jaw? *shudder* think of the future children... *sigh* ah well, he's better looking than the first one... shame she has no bolts with the second one... go with the bolts.. ya know she'll be like her dad, pining away for the one she couldn't have *giggle*
Yeah they're going home! Wee doggie what a ride
*taking another long look at Raphael*

Anjel76 said...

My goodness! College certainly went by very quickly! *LOL* Raquel (I called her Rachel in my last comment .... OOOPS) is kissing EVERYONE. *LOL* And awww ... Raphael has found his lady love. :O))

So ... who's the heir??

SGT Heather said...

Wow, lots of professors! Raphael is handsome! And Raquel is quite lovely as well. ::hurries off to see who is the heir::