Monday, May 28, 2007

Generation 8 - Am I Cursed??

Where is Joseph?
He is outside doing Raphael's test. Once the test is done, we can start working on the babies.

Looks like Joseph is an old family friend....

Joseph? Why are you in the pool? What type of test is this? I need to find Raphael...

How funny is this? Being caught cheating by the ghost of Jean-Paul...HAHAHA!

I can't help are being tested by Raphael. I can't step in...

Oh all the things...a tree fire! I am still looking for Raphael.

Hey Raphael! What type of test are you giving Joseph?
A simple one...treading water. How long can you tread water???

HAHAHA! Komei!!! Is Jospeh done with his test?
Not even close, he will be done soon.

We haven't forgotten you Joseph. Don't worry, Raphael said you will be done soon. Just tread a few more minutes.

Aren't you worried?
Nope, not at all. Joseph will do fine. He is a nice specimen of male genes.

Come on Joseph! Push those muscles a little longer! You are almost there!!

**Headshake** This can't be good for Joseph....

Sorry Joseph, Raphael said you only had to pass one little test.

What now? Are you proposing to ANOTHER lover?
I have to...I have to prove to Raphael that I am heir material. He said I wasn't heir material. That is why my husbands keep dying! He is such a jerk!!

YADA..YADA...YADA... this is major Dejavu' here....

Why aren't you dressed up Raphael?
Why? She is just gonna let him die also. She is not meant to be the heir. Why don't you realize that? Just let me call Beverly over here and the 'Real Heir' can be announced?

Is this your third wedding night?
Be nice to her! She doesn't deserve that! She had two husbands who died unexpectantly, let her be!
Garrett? Who said you could talk to me?
I did and I am not going anywhere!!

After that whole little speech, here he is outside watching the clouds...**headshake** Nice knowing you Garrett.

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust
Raphael what have you been up to? Why are you messing with your brother-in-laws? They are really nice men and your sister is happy with each of them!

The sooner you realize that I am the heir, the sooner we can move this family along. Why must you deny the obvious? I am the heir!
Didn't you realize your sister seems to think it is her?
Need just a little more time....


ASimWen said...

Heh, Professor Joseph and Jean-Paul were friends? That is too funny! I love a blast from the past.

Ah. I see Professor Joseph is taking a dip in the pool. How nice! But I don't understand how Timothy the Llama was caught cheating by Jean-Paul...not unless Jean-Paul and Timothy were lovers in Uni all those years ago...but I don't think so????

Professor Joseph, you spent too long in the pool :( Buh-Bye! Again, I think Raphael has an agenda!!!

OH Cutie-Pie Garrett is the surviving Professor! YEAH!!!! **GACK** Looks like he spends too much time lookin' at the clouds....

Raphael looks entirely too smug.

Mao said...

It is like mass professor homicide! Holy crap. :P Poor Professors... run away, run away!!!

HeavensKyss said...

OMG..this is cracking me up. Too funny. Great job =-)

Twoyys4me said...

'How long can you tread water?' rofl.. too funny.
Poor Joseph- still.. Raphael is determined isn't he? There's gonna be some mean ghosts coming out soon.

ruby said...

Aw Lynn, not Garrett too! *sigh* But he's the cute one... I hope for Raquel's sake she at least heard some chimes before he went star gazing

Heh, that Raphael sure is persistent! He needs to realize that even though he is good looking, his sister is much prettier! *giggle*

Kerry said...

Okay, Lynn, was college really that bad? Geez! I guess you have a real grudge against professors! (oh, that's Raphael, not you? Well, okay, then, I guess....)

Anjel76 said...

Oh NO! Not another one! What does Raphael have against his sister being the heir?? She's been married twice. He hasn't even married his lady love. What does he got against these guys?!?! What is his definition of "Heir Material"??

So ... does he get squashed by a satellite or what?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

There's no way I couldn't comment on this post. I saved the "Happily married?" pic to my desktop, so now I can laugh at the fate of husband no. 2 as much as I want. At least the cute professor is left.

SGT Heather said...

LOL! Well, third time's a charm? I guess that is a sure way to make sure you get to be the heir, kill off your sister's mates!

Rachel said...

Freaking hilarious!!! Another bites the dust! So glad I wasn't playing this with you, I'd be crying!

Didn't know a ghost could catch you cheating. Too funny!