Sunday, June 10, 2007

Generation 9 - The First Few Days




Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO! Wen, how could you let Liam be the Heir? Ahh well. I do not think their babies are going to be pretty. Generation 10 is so close. You can say you have completed the Legacy Challenge.

I am doing mine like the one at Somnium. The La Fontaine family has two bloodlines. I just finished college today, so the first bloodline is about to birth Generation 3! Yah!!


Bubbs said...

The boys are ENEMIES!! OMG! Yeah Liam, get yourself some of that 'lovely' maid of a wife! So nice to see everyone at the wedding. :)

Bubbs said...

BTW Steven - both fiances were both picked for that reason. HAHAHA!

ruby said...

Egads *shudder* those are some ugly women LOL
Congrats Liam ... make the family proud! I can't believe you guys are already to gen 9!
Sweet! So I can change the llama head and the ghost still comes back with the llama head? good to know!
*waving* Hi Timothy!!

SGT Heather said...

Oh man. Those cute, cute boys are breeding with some awful looking women. Ugh. Wow, Gen 10 on the way!

LaylaSims said...

This was good, Wen. Of course, with my warpped sense of humor, the funniest one to me was the "Oh s**t, she brought the dog back!" LOL

Rachel said...

Liam is the heir and Jill is umm, intersting. Yay Gen 10 is on it's way!!!