Sunday, June 24, 2007

Generation 9, Univeristy, and Goodbye

All the clothing in this entry are from H&M Fashion. With the exception of the 'out of the cab' clothes. If you don't currently own it, I strongly advise including it in your Sims collection. (Sophie Devereux arrived at Uni in H&M, and grew up in H&M).

And the characters for this entry:

And last but not least....

Who will Lynn choose to be the final heir of the Devereux fortune? The timid oh-not-so-pretty girl Sophie? Or the over confident, testosterone reeking Armand? Or, the conniving vampire Spiro? Who is most deserving? Find out next month when Lynn will present the Final Heir. Thanks for reading!


ruby said...

Who is most deserving? LOL I don't think that is the right question.. who wants it more and is willing to kill for it.. ya that would be the question *giggle*
Well done Wen, that was fun as always
psst Lynn, Spiro ... think Spiro! *w*

Bubbs said...

Who to choose, who to choose? Man those are some good candidates we have there. Maybe I will wait and see what our viewers think...well readers, who do you think should be heir?

Anonymous said...

Great job Wen!

Lynn- I think you should choose Spiro. Just to get some variety with the whole Vampire thing.

SGT Heather said...

Wow, almost done. Great job with your first try at legacy Wen. Lynn has some great choices!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Since my choices never win, I'll throw in a name and maybe be pleasantly surprised. I'd vote for Armand, if I didn't like him so much. Therefore, I go for Sophie. She has the interesting dominant skintone and she snagged herself a headmaster. Let Armand live in relative peace at the spare heir house.

Kerry said...

Fun last update, Wen! I enjoyed the twists and turns in the spare houses. Lynn, I vote for Armand too--he's the coolest looking, I think. And Sophie is engaged to the headmaster! Gak! Don't they screw up a house if they move in?

Armand! Armand! Armand! *chanting dies away into the distance*

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn!

I think you should pick Sophie as the Heir. She has the unique skintone.

And if I do recall, you do not have the Sunlight and Elevator deaths yet, but I could be wrong. Maybe Spiro and Armand have a purpose after all. *wink wink*


Rachel said...

Wow these kids tried everything they could think of to get the heirship. Gotta find out who Lynn picked!