Sunday, June 3, 2007

Growing Up Devereux

Back again for another edition of the Devereux clan. Last time we learned that Raquel married Professor "Cutie" Garrett.

Lucius "Generation 6's non-heir" returned to greet Raquel.

Local zombie Amin came home with Raquel one afternoon. He still holds a grudge on the family for turning him into a zombie.

Valla and Timothy were more than happy to assist the grandbabies with their learning. They are retired and have nothing better to do with their time.

Garrett is a frequent visitor to the family bar.
To survive in this family, you need something for your nerves. Between trying to get the to top of the education career and the ghosts...I need a drink. At least I maxed my skills, which makes a knowledge sim very happy.

Liam, with the strange skintone that popped up, has grown into a child. He is also know as the 'red pirate'.

Javon is also a child is known as the 'blue pirate' of the house.

Nice little family you have here. Will there be any more potential heirs?
That's hard to say at this time. For now, we are raising the boys. I really wanted to teach them everything as toddlers.

Raphael! How is life treating you?
Well,when Garrett said I should move to the spare house, I took the offer and ran. One might say I saw the writing on the wall. I am very happy at the spare house. I've had time to find out a lot of stuff. Want to hear about the neighborhood? There has been a lot of things going on!

Remember Suzanne? She was my great-great grandfather Grayson's mistress who then had twins with my great uncle. It seems she got pregnant AGAIN. This time we don't think the baby daddy is a Devereux. What a huzzy!!

This is her daughter Greta. Hmm, the Devereux's don't have some of these genetics. The word on the street is that it was some sort of fast and tragic affair. No one even talked to the man except for one of her sons and then the mystery man died.

Remember when grandpa Matthieu said to take care of Basile? This is Basile and his mother is Emmy Bear.

Emmy Bear has a Devereux complex, it seems. Here she is kissing Suzanne's son Drake. Drake's father was Felipe Devereux who disappeared into townie hood and pops up every once in awhile.

The word around town is that they had a few too many kisses and Valazare is now here. At least this mistress keeps it in the family, so to say.

My Aunt Mallory married Birch Devereux from the Plant Sim lineage. They seemed like such a happy couple.

They also had a kid, Alex. Typical Devereux male with the skintone and hair.

Mallory celebrated her birthday when I joined the house. Birch's daughter Ivy was here for the party also.

Professor Beverly and I tied the knot receently. She came at a moment's notice. She thought I forgot about her.

Sadly, Mallory was not with us for too long when she got sick and died.

Our daughter Kaya joined the family. Kaya is my darling little girl.

Kaya grew like a weed into childhood. She is loves running across the street to play with her cousins.

AHEM! Enough neighborhood news. I did what every parent in the house has done, I got my boys into the local private school. It was a proud day for all who were involved.

Time to say goodbye for now.


Life at the Devereux's


Mao said...

LOL! They are both looking a little big in the waist there. ;)

ASimWen said... is great to see everyone. :) I LOVE THE HAIR ON KAYA. :) She is cute, and looks like a happy kid.

So sad to see you go Mallory! (not!) heh I see the wedding decorations are still in the spare house. How many beings are here now counting the dogs???

Yep, Raquel and Garrett are big. hehehe

Anjel76 said...

Is the Prof pregnant, or has had one too many lobster dishes? ;O)) Hehe. That was nice to see that the "spare" is doing nicely. I dunno about that suit he got married in though. And we finally find out about this mysterious "Basile". :O))

ruby said...

Holy cow, they both chubbed out whew!

Melissa said...

I love Kaya's hair, too. And man they sure got tubby there at the end. =)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Thank you Raphael for updating us on the neighborhood. So sad... I was rooting for you! Anyway...IS the remaining husband pregnant?

SGT Heather said...

It was nice seeing what everyone else in the neighborhood was up to. Poor Raphael, he seems to be handling things well at least.

Rachel said...

How everyone is related has my head spinning! Nice job keeping track of them all.