Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Heir is Revealed

You are back to find out who the heir is, right? Well, here we go.

You know I am the 'real heir' right? That is what the other controller had in mind. She wanted ME! Why wouldn't she want me? Look at all the 'losers' my sister married...they couldn't do simple tasks.
Are you sure about that? I think you will be a little shocked...

That's right, his simple test for me did not work. I passed the test.
Good job least one of you professors had the sense to ignore Raphael and his tests.

Raphael, is this your latest attempt to become heir??

I couldn't fail the test, I have my babies to think of.
So the abduction won't result in any surprises? Oh Raphael will be upset over this little tidbit...
We haven't told anyone the news yet, you are the first to find out.

These two are waiting patiently for the news of grandchildren.

Sure does look like the news was positive. The next generation is on it's way.

Garrett? Why is Raphael watching the clouds?
It's a test. He made me do this test, he can do it also.

Why are you now waving bye to him?
I can't live my life worrying that he will constantly want to take his place as 'heir'. He needs to understand he is NOT the heir. My wife, Raquel is the heir.

Bye Raphael, see you at the spare house.

Raphael also took the other dogs. Here is the remaining dog, Camille.

You sure are getting bigger Raquel.

The happy couple

Camille's mate, Otis

I see Valla helped you learn some skills.
She has helped me out greatly. She said it is my reward for giving her a grandbaby.

Umm, where did that skin tone come from? This skin is not in the family tree....How cute a little male potential heir.
Hmm, don't ask me about my genes. He is cute, huh?

Did you over look the other twin?
Oh no, just giving each their time in the spotlight. So the next generation's heir will be male.

Just some ghosts

Raphael should be happy he is gone now, Amin isn't too happy that his 2 bolt wife is now married to someone else and had their kids...


Growing up Devereux


ASimWen said...

Hum Raphael you look awfully smug think you have it all wrapped up don't you? However, me thinks there are others in the house that see right through your flimsy plan. Yeah.

Garrett is smarter than you Raphael...and your REWARD for this attempt at a dastardly deed is to go on a romp thru space... looks like you were grabbin' straws to me.

I see Tim the Llama has stopped with the wearing of the Head. hahaha

Raquel makes a beautiful mommy. Umm did Prof. Garrett do right by the Devereux Heiress and put a ring on her finger??

Yea that's right Garrett kick that so and so Raphael out. He deserves it! HAHAHA

Woah Camille ate peas or something. She has turned green.

Otis is intersting looking. The pups will be shaped like Camille and have Otis' coloring.

Glad to see Valla is helpin' out with skilling Garrett up. :) Hey it will be interesting to see what profs will come up in Uni since we just went thru 3 of them. lol
What is Garrett's LTW?

Extreme Drinking...hahaha Raquel and Garrett must be trying to show the Devereux Ancestors how it is done! heh

Mao said...

HAHAHA!! That last picture. Oh dear, LOL!

Yay, the mass professor homicides have come to an end.

Anjel76 said...

I knew it!! He was too darn smarmy and self-confident to be heir. Not to mention the fact that he kept killing his sister's husband. ROCK ON!!!

Love the last shot. Extreme drinking is RIGHT!

ruby said...

huzzah! He survived and sent that poser packing! *doin the happy dance*

SGT Heather said...

Woah! Interesting genetics popping up there. I'm glad Raquel made their heir cut. I'd feel sorry for Raphael if he hadn't been so evil.

Rachel said...

Yay Raquel won!!! After all that torture I hoped it would be her. The twins are cuties! Was Wen messing with recessive genes again? I love the way the dogs look!