Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life At The Devereux's

Welcome back for my latest installment of the Devereux's. Sit back and enjoy, we are covering a lot of ground today.

Those are my boys, happily playing chess and becoming best friends.
Does this mean no more kids Garrett? Only two? Not trying for the girl?
I think we are done. A girl? Why? I heard about that other blog you have going...we have enough bastards in the family lineage.
That other blog is not for your family Garrett. That is another challenge all together.

I managed to get my LTW. Aren't you proud?
Why isn't Raquel talking to me? Why is it always you?
She said she is happier letting me do all the talking. I think she fears if you talk to her you will forget about me and something 'bad' will happen to me. So to make sure I am ok, I talk to you.

Our puppies have grown up. Here is Keyon, our male dog. Notice he has the pointed ears.

This is Kenia, she is our female dog. She has flat ears. Both have that green leg from their mom.

My little fishermen love to go out and fish. I don't know why they fish except I do notice they gossip out there about the other family members that live in our town. This family really has a wild history, huh?
That is what happens when you share a hood with someone and leave 'surprises' for each other.

Raquel was a little upset over being that picture where she looks fat, so she started working out. Honestly, I prefer her being fat. More to love, more to love.

Looking like a lot of the past Devereux's, Jevon grew up into a teen today. I see one of our house bound ghosts came out to see the party.
Grayson does love to party and see birthdays.

Liam, with the recessive skin from my ancestors, also had a birthday. Both boys will be headed to college soon.

Otis left us today. Raquel said he had a full life and it was time for him to move along. Valla was really upset over his death. Why is the picture labeled Camille?
I was confused when I was labeling the pictures. So many dogs, the names get confusing.

Camille grew into an older dog also. She will be living the life now of a happy older dog. I think she should be allowed more inside time now.

My son, Liam was abducted. Jevon was so not happy about this. I was happy that one was abducted. I would love to meet the aliens, but you won't let me go look out the telescope.
I know, he thought he should be the one abducted. He really wanted to meet those aliens. You married into the family, you are not allowed.

Join the family as a Mascot, die a Mascot. What a fitting way for him to die. Does this mean I will die a professor?
***Sigh***, bye want to die a professor? We might be able to arrange that.

No bastard kids for Timothy, but then he also married into the family and he wasn't allowed either. See Garrett, there are some things only the heirs/potential heirs/spares are allowed to do. I wasn't picking on you.

We are at College! Yeah us!
Ok guys, you know you aren't really here for the education. Your family is loaded. You are really here just to figure out who your spouse will be.

Hello fishes! Will you help me find a potential spouse? I need to impress the other controller so she will pick me to be heir.

Why did you dress us alike? GAWD!
It isn't so bad Jevon, just a couple of years and we can dress differently.
No big deal to you, you are probably the heir. You have that special skin tone from dad. Who knows if I have that gene.

Oh sweet Lhama! Brandi Mace is such a selection of female goddess. Maybe I will pick her.
Sorry Jevon, she is out of the question. We already have her kind in the lineage. Remember Cassidy?? Try again.

How am I supposed to hit on the maid when this blasted thing keeps ATTACKING me?? Who made this blasted thing??

She is too old to marry you Liam, she can't have kids. No marriage. Unless you want to be the spare heir and then move to the spare house.

Why must you want to marry EVERY woman you meet?? You need to pick someone and forget those other women!!!

I am happy to point out that we are now seniors. Time is sure flying fast!

Jill, the other maid, will you marry me? Will you come join me in the Manor and have my kids?

At least I am done at college and now I move on to more important things. I have picked my spouse and now am ready to make some babies! You know I need 3 of them. They must graduate from college also.

Gina, clerk from some store, will you marry me? We don't have a clerk in our lineage and you will do perfectly. Plus we actually have some attraction, unlike my brother and his fiance Jill. We have 2 bolts!!

I've graduated! Yeah me! I still wonder who the other controller will pick. I am sure it will Liam though.
Don't be so sure Jevon, we don't know what recessive gene you have and she may prefer you.

Time for me to say a found farewell to the family. They are going back to Wen now and she gets to figure out where the family goes from here.

Gen 9


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Aw, don't worry Raquel, nothing's gonna happen to Garrett. Raphael's not in the house anymore, lol. That "die a mascot" thing was cool! Pick Jevon, Liam's gonna end up annoying.

Anonymous said...

Wen! You have to pick JEVON. Generation 10 is just around the corner. Liam wants to graduate 3 children from college. You know how much you hate college!

There, I think I have presented my case. Seriously, who likes University? I like the money that comes from it.

Great Job Lynn. Both of you keep it up.


Twoyys4me said...

Sad to see Llama Timothy go... :) Liam really wants to get married huh? and doesn't seem too fussed who to!
But looks like Jevon's not going to give in without a fight for the heirship either. ;)

ruby said...

Jevon, Jevon, Jevon... oh we're not chanting here? um.. okay well he has a potential spouse w/bolts so I doubt he will be picked.. no point in him having to have affairs what fun is that? Heh!
*tear* Bye Timothy!

Great job Lynn!

Kerry said...

I think it's funny that Liam wanted to be a polygamist! Perhaps he should leave the neighborhood and move out into the mountains somewhere to start his own, ummm, clan? Of course, then Jevon would have to be the heir, wouldn't he....

SGT Heather said...

The twins are cute. I wonder if Liam is going to get the advantage because he got abducted...

Rachel said...

Wow, that picture of all the women Liam wants to marry! Very funny!