Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Satellite Houses

Ha. ASimWen here. I am gonna do a narrative on this entry instead of the text on the pictures. Why? Well, it is my last turn with the Devereux Legacy, and I figured would tell you everything I did in the satellite houses away from Devereux Manor. I usually don't. Lynn might progress these houses further, but in my mind, right at this minute they are done. These are gonna be in the order I played them when I got the hood from Lynn. I did play the main house for a little while before I went to the satellite houses this time. (See the first entry) But normally I do the satellite houses before I actually start playing the Manor.

So. I started with Devereux Estates, otherwise known as The Spare Heir House.

Yep, this is where the Plant Sims reside. Ah...not everyone is labeled on the picture. because I can't remember all their names. ha.

Armand from Devereux Manor had crossed the street to visit his Uncle Jevon. If you remember Jevon is the Spare Heir from Generation 9. Whilst he was there, Jevon introduced him to Claire, their papergirl. He reminded Armand that the NPC papergirl had not been used yet in the Devereux Legacy. It was his duty. They quickly became friends, and agreed to meet in University.

This is Plant Sim Ivy. She quickly spawned a little one....

Gad. Can't remember this one's name. I believe it is a male.

I decided to create some drama. If you remember in the first chapter of Generation 9, Jevon's brother Liam came on to his woman, Gina Gregory. This started a feud between the two brothers that lasted will into the teen hood of Armand. Jevon continually came over and glared at Liam, and they pretty much pussy-slapped each other the whole time. I decided Jevon needed happiness.

I didn't particularly like Gina Gregory, as she was a home wrecker between the brothers. So I look in Jevon's relationships. I see Lynn left him engaged to Gina, but he also had 3 bolts with this old lady. This is Tiffany Zarubin. I think. She is the Garden Club Lady, I think. If not, she is a townie. I decided to have a good looking male Sim marry an ol' lady..usually it is the other way around in this game. There will be no babies from this spare heir! I set about to break up Jevon and Gina. It worked beautifully.

There you see Gina crying in the background, and running up to meet Jevon head demand to know what he is doing!



Jevon politely tells Gina it is over. Has no interest in her, and he shows her to the door. Good bye Gina, and good riddance.

The next natural step was a quickie engagement and wedding between Jevon and Tiffany. Yeah.

And the happy couple lives happily ever after. Good job, Jevon!

Here is Professor Beverly and Raphael from Generation 8 having a child. Yup, they had a boy. A red headed boy. His pic is up there in the neighborhood moniker. Nope, don't recall his name. Heh. Why did I do that? Because I thought Lynn did not have them have one. But she did. I missed it. The kid had already growed up and moved out of the house. Heh.

This is Ivy's spore luvin' on the spare dog from the Manor. Awww. Can you tell if that spore is male or female???

And as usual, Devereux dogs fighting. Lynn and I purposely chose aggressive dogs for this challenge. We often had a hard time getting our chosen doggie heir to mate with the one we had chosen for them to carry on the doggie legacy with because they were just too plain mean. I found out if you take away the dog's chew bones and lock them together in a fence, they have no recourse but to have fun with each other, and they will eventually like each other enough to mate.

Next I played Emmy Bear's house. I set her up with a place during Generation 7, a few pictures appeared in the blog and it was alluded to that she was 'bought out' by the Devereuxs. I really liked the way Lynn wrote her up during her turn in Generation 6. When I gave her her own party place from the Celebrations Stuff pack, she and Matthieu did conceive a child, Basile. I left him as a child with Emmy for Lynn to play with. I figured Matthieu and Emmy were always meant to be together, but it was a great big "DOH!" on me and Lynn's part. They were a strong couple.

At any rate, when I got the hood back this time, I see Lynn had married Emmy off to Drake. Drake is the child of Felipe Devereux and "The Other Woman." ??? Felipe is from Generation 5. Lynn had gotten Felipe and the Other Woman together during Generation 6. Drake and his twin brother Dwight were the results of this union. You will see more of Felipe in a minute.

Lynn had also let Emmy and Drake have a child. A girl, Valzare. Lynn left her a teen townie. I noticed Drake's LTW was a family sim was to graduate three from college. Heh. So that meant a set of twins. They had two girls, Lucinda and Lorriane.

I called Valzare home, and she assisted her parents in getting the twins to childhood. Then they were boolproped to teen, and I was done with the house. Being the satellite houses are not part of the Legacy challenge, we did fudge around in there, and have a bit of fun.

Next is the Other Woman's House. She was introduced into the challenge in Generation 5 as Grayson Devereux's squeeze on the side away from his wife Maura. Lynn and I have had a blast with her. She had children with Grayson Devereux, his son Felipe Devereux, Howie Busto, and finally Stephan. Yep, you heard me, Howie Busto. Here is a picture of the daughter she had with him.

Lynn and I were in the habit of leaving each other little surprises each round. I will let Lynn tell you about this one if she likes. It was one of my finer moments. Lynn was actually on the other end of my phone line talking to me when she found this. It was great.

Anyway, I felt like Suzanne had been through enough with me and Lynn's baby whims. I wanted her to find true love. I looked in her relationship bar, and she had a three bolt attraction with Stephan. But before she had a chance to call him up and invite him over to get married, she got a phone call from Felipe Devereux, who was now a Down Townie. He wanted her to go on an outing. She said SURE.

This is no surprise. Suzanne and Felipe getting it on in the store. After all, they are old lovers. I was not paying really close attention until I realized there was a terrible backlash to this seemingly innocent gesture on Felipe's part.

Felipe must have gotten slapped 5 or 6 times. Every single person in the car for the outing was used in Felipe's want to Woo-hoo 20 Sims LTW back in Uni. Yup. I had never seen so many break up symbols all at once in the game. I found it hilarious, and I could hardly stop laughing. These are the types of moments you live for in this game.

Back at Suzanne's house. This is Levi. He first appeared in Generation 6 with Lynn. During my turn in Generation 7, he and his litter mate Longbottom took turns running away. Finally I had to get the Devereux dogs to mate so the doggie legacy could continue, and Levi was gone, run away at the time. So Longbottom got the job. Eventually Levi came home, then the Devereuxs gave him away so he would stay gone. Now he is a stray. He happened to wonder by Suzanne's house this day.

Here is Raphael's Professor Beverly walking their elderly dog Eitenne. Eitenne is Levi's neice.

Here is Stephan arriving on the scene as Suzanne cleans up the garbage outside. She had constant can kickers since the episode in town where Felipe got the crap beat out of him.

These two wasted no time. I didn't have to tell her to greet him. Just his mere presence on the lot was enough to convince me these two were meant for each other. It was all a natural course from then on. Let's move it inside, folks.

They could not keep their hands off each other for a second. I was hard put to put any commands in the keyboard before they were at it again. This is a wonderful couple.

And here Stephan is being happy he is marrying a rich Sim. Suzette is rich off Devereux money. They had a baby girl named Stephanie. I did not get a picture of her, as I wasn't thinking about doing this type of blog entry when I was playing. I left her an infant for Lynn to play.

This is the house where Lynn's Vampire/Plant Sim lives with her family. It is a 'no touch' zone for me. :) I did go in there one turn and make Michelle pregnant with Lynns' blessings. So no news there.

This is a new lot this round, it will be the first Lynn will see of it. Gray is Suzanne's and Grayson Devereux's son, and Dwight is the twin of Emmy Bear's husband, Drake. Their daddy is Felipe Devereux. I have no pictures on this one either. I plopped down a house and stuck them in it. I thought it would not be befitting for Suzanne's two older sons to be living with her and her new husband and baby daughter. Besides, Dwight had continual temper fits every time he saw his mother and Stephan kissing. haha.

Well that is all for this. I have one more entry to do for the Devereuxs. Then I will be done with them. Who says you don't get attached to your characters???

- ASimWen


Bubbs said...

OMG! You broke up Jevon and Gina! Oh no! Poor Gina. HAHA - the old lady.

Another spare heir kid! Yeah, I tried to hid their kid from you, hehe.

Emmy Bear! The one that smoke and mirrors helped out. HAHA! You only thought she was his mistres...welll until Wen's turn it is.

Good times here, hehe. Emmy got a bastard Devereux husband - LMAO!!!

LMAO - yes Suzanne, the other woman, seems to always be pregnant with no father in site. His grave was actually in the backyard. The name wsa something like HAHA-GOTCHA!

Poor Felipe! Poor guy had no chance at being the heir.

At least Suzanne actually got a husband. She had a rough time there.

OMG - Dwight needs to get over it! His mama has had 4 baby daddies!

I shall miss this family.

SGT Heather said...

You guys have definitely made me want to get some plant sims. I can't believe you guys are almost done with these guys.

Rachel said...

Wow, it's so great to see everyone again! That was one heck of a slap-fest! I would have loved to see it go down.