Friday, June 15, 2007

Twins And Dogs


Bubbs said...

Bye Camille! Thanks for the baby. :) Wow! Look at the size of that belly!!

Look at those ears on Butch!! OMG!!

Yeah twins! There are Liam's 3 to graduate. :) Is that a birthday or a family reunion??

Why is Sophie learning to walk outside?

HAHA! Liam is FAT!! HAHA! And possesive over birthdays, lol.

Is Jill pregnant again?? Or just fat...hmm, guess we have wait and see....

ruby said...

I love Spiro, and that's the way it is *giggle fits*

Why do you let your sims get fat? Liam in that outfit *shudder* ew! LOL

*waving* Hi Renee!

SGT Heather said...

Armand is definitely a cutie! The twins look like the picked up their mom's mouth but maybe have steered clear of that nose.

Rachel said...

Wow Liam needs to lay off that birthday cake or hit the gym.

All 3 kids are very nice looking. It's so usually cause normally you hit gen 5 and they start looking freaky and here we are so late in the game.