Friday, August 10, 2007

Beginning Of The End

No time like the present, let's visit the house.

SHH!! Let's be quiet, Professor Garrett and Raquel are sleeping in this bedroom. They feel their time is counting down and want to enjoy their time. I think that Professor Garrett still thinks someone is out to get his wife.

Since the house is full right now, I have some time to get to know our potential heirs and decide who to use.

Meet Armand, who is sure he will be the heir. Why? He knows the women flock to him, why not just give him the honor now?

Sophie, the lone daughter of Liam and Jill. She feels she should be the heir since she has the unique skintone like her father. Plus she is the only possible female heir.

Spiro, the vampire. He feels he should be the heir since he will live forever, so why not give it to the one who can outlive the rest?

Sadly, my first day with the family, Kenia ATTACKED her puppy Renee and Renee ran away before I could react. Hopefully she will return to the family soon.

Meet Liam, the father of the heirs. As you can tell, he is an unfaithful family man who is worried about everyone falling out of love with him.

Oh no!! It does not look good for someone!

Sadly, Grim paid his respects to the house, as he has many times before. Armand was hit by the falling grill from above.

Sophie tried to convince her father that she is the best candidate as her money handling skills are the best. Plus the family has almost 2 million in the bank, why worry about the money???

Ok, so sorry but we have to cut episode short, Spiro has discovered something in the family's past that could cause the family's downfall or failure of the challenge.....

On With The Tale


ASimWen said...

Wow! Armand mashed by the satellite! What a way to go. Hmmm I wonder what Spiro has discovered? He sure looks surprised as he gazes at the computer screen. Did Renee ever come back???

Liam lover of many? hahaha

Melissa said...

Wow! I didn't realize I was so far behind. Somehow I missed almost every post in June. Well, I'm all caught up now and as usual I love it.

Great job on your legacy, Wen.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

You cut off the post!? Okay, I said Armand shouldn't be the heir, but I didn't say he shoud die! Bye bye Armand. At least you can get away. Wonder what Spiro has learned and, more importantly, what he will do with the knowledge.

ruby said...

Gah! No .. not Armand .. *sighs* ah well .. farewell Armand .. i knew you.. um.. not well enough.. *g*
Oh a cliff hanger .. well done!

Rachel said...

A falling grill from the sky! Too funny!!! Only 2 to pick from now.