Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just Life

Dagmar and Spiro are really a happy couple who spend most evenings on dates with each other. Romance and Pleasure are a nice combination to have around.

Raquel befriended Dagmar at the chess table for a few hours. Dagmar never caught on to her cheating either.

Sadly, time was up for Professor Garrett.

Bet you forgot about Jevon, huh? He lives over at the spare house.

Liam has started dating a local gardener, Katy McGraw. Armand seems to hate Katy. Strangely enough, he has two bolts for her but he chases her down to yell at her all the time. Then again he yells at most of our visitors.

Liam actually proposed to Katy one night. I don't know how Armand will react to this news....I didn't tell him.

Armand has been busy outside and didn't notice. He is doing an experiment. Can you change the harvest rating after it has ripened? Or do you have to get it to mouthwatering before harvest???

Are you can see, the fruit improved.
Why again did I do this? It took me half the day to get over here to these trees. Why bother? We have more than enough fruit and vegetables.

Sadly, upon Raquel's return from work....

Our dear friend Grim returned to see her...

Nice inheritances

A family tree to show you Uncle Raphael. You will never believe what he did.

On the night of Raqual's death, Raphael shows up at the house. What would he discuss at the table?? He wants to talk about ZOMBIES!! Is that a sign or what??? We gotta run now!!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Bad Jill for only bringing him back halfway! You deserved to die for that. Why'd you do that to Armand, huh? You got rid of his mojo! I do not like that mail woman, but at least things seem to be going well. Bye, Raquel and Cutie! Raphael, LOL!

ASimWen said...

Alrighty then. Before Armand got zombie-fied, his stats were:

Nice - 1
Playful - 3
Active - 9
Outgoing - 10
Neat - 6

See, he wasn't a nice Sim even when he was alive. heh

Wow, this place is starting to sound like the house of the UnDead. Vampires and Zombies. LOLOL

Christine said...

R.I. P Raquel and Prof. Garrett. Congrats to Liam and Katy on their engagement. Looks like Spiro and Dagmar are happy :) Great update!

Melissa said...

Loved the updates. Woot! Armand is a zombie. Dagmar sure cleans up well even as a vamp.

ruby said...

wow my head is spinning! goodness gracious how is Armand taking to 'her' moving in? eek!

Rachel said...

Could there be another Zombie soon? You like all the different types of sims don't you Lynn?