Sunday, August 12, 2007

Messing With The Dead

Are you curious who came back? Well, it is time to find out!!

Just to remind you what happened last time. Liam's wife Jill took the time to call the reaper and bring someone back from the dead.

Armand has returned!! Oh no, Jill the ghosts aren't happy about you bringing back someone from the dead.

Armand immediately puts on his MP3 player while his mom freaks out over all the urns in the room. There are tons of urns in this room also.

Another Devereux ghost jumps onto Jill for creating a zombie.

Again the ghosts get her. You can see a partial ghost waiting their turn while another one watches. Notice none of the ghosts go after Armand.

This can't be good for Jill's health, can it?

Nope, doesn't look good at all...

Jill, that is what you get for letting Armand come back as a zombie.

Armand has returned!!!


ASimWen said...

Those Devereuxs are not forgiving people are they? Where is all that testosterone that Armand was flinging around during his Uni days???? Looks like he is doing the Zombie shuffle! Haha!

Christine said...

Never seen anything like this before!!! It sure looks like the family got it's revenge on Jill!Wonder what Armand will do now that he's a zombie? I have no idea what zombie's do with their time. lol

ruby said...

Oh she surely paid the price.. ouch and wow .. Amrand is not just back, he's a zombie! Wowzers ...

Rachel said...

Poor Jill. Well Armand is a zombie and Zombie's can't reproduce so I guess we know who will be the heir, or do we?