Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Blood

Now that we cleared up who returned, it's time to continue with the saga.

It's time to introduce you to our heir, Spiro.
Spiro?? Where are you going Spiro??
Don't you see? He is being abducted by those aliens...what kind of controller are you anyhow?
Armand, I'm a good controller. You know that.
Yeah, once you get your way you are. For the love of lhamas! I died, you vamped my sister and then you KILLED HER!! Let's not forget you let my mom die! Oh, and you made me a ZOMBIE!!
Hmmm, you sure are grumpy now.

I don't know what Armand's deal is right now. He just isn't the same as he was before the "accident".

Sorry about that Spiro, I didn't know you would get taken. That wasn't planned.
It's ok, I suppose.

Are you here to watch or something? I'm busy here. I've got to work harder than before to regain those skills. Did you know I would come back with less skills than before? I WAS MAXED OUT!!!
Ummm, yeah it's the price you pay to return from the dead....
Just how much did you spend? Now my mojo has VANISHED!!!

Old family friend Randy London, brought Renee back to the family.

What is the first thing our loving mother dog does? She runs over and attacks Renee AGAIN!!! ARRGH - mean dog! Let me get a collar on her this time.

ARRGH!! No wonder Armand is so mean! He has 1 Serious point, 2 lazy and 4 shy. Wen...what was his personality before??

I don't care to talk to you about current events. I have to get out of here and go to work. All these deaths are bringing back de-ja-vu...
As you can see Professor Garrett is doing fine here. Just goes to work happily everyday knowing all is well.

Renee has finally gotten her collar. There are daily fights with her mom. On a side note, Armand loves to play with her.

Hey Spiro!
This here is my lovely wife-to-be Dagmar. She heard the news of my abduction and came to check on me.

Do you see WHY she is marring you? She seems excited you are RICH!! I just hope she doesn't give me twins.

Who is this you are yelling at now Armand? What did she do to you?
She is here again! What more of a reason do you need???
Ok, continue then. Was just curious why you were yelling at her. She isn't your guest here today at all....

Life is somewhat normal around here.

Just Life


Christine said...

Happy to see Renee back! That's so sad that her and her mom fight every day! I guess that's just life! Congrats to Dagmar and Spiro on their marriage. Wow, Armand is a grouch, but I guess most zombies would be. lol What a personality!!! yikes! Super update!

ruby said...

golly who is Armand getting mean with? gosh its getting closer to the end aint it .. ah man...

Rachel said...

Wow an alien abduction, what luck! Ah so Spiro IS the heir. At least Dagmar is happy about some aspect of getting married! Hurray renee returned, poor girl.